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6 Books To Read When Traveling

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Surround yourself with positive vibes they say,
Little did they know positive is in silence,
I say, it is in books, a mere pleasure in turning each page,
A sense of satisfaction in weaving the stories left back.

I have always loved traveling. I never travel to write blogs – indeed it is an additional perk. Also, a perk just because I love to write them down, the experience, and ultimately to tell stories. Nevertheless, my love for travel has always been pure. Initially, I feared and was skeptical for traveling alone.

However, when I did, there was a lot of time with me during the time that I was traveling. And I always loved reading books, but I fell more for it as I initially used it to pass my time and then eventually I fell completely for it. So, since we are talking about books and before we jump into the Top 6 favorite reads, let us begin with a short story.

Long ago I could never stay at my place for more than certain periods of time. And whenever I had nothing to do, I would crib about it to my Maa. And like an adorable lady that she has always been, she used to make me learn new things from art and craft, drawings, paintings, gardening, and every possible thing she could teach me. She is the one who knew how my curious soul could be satisfied and brought to peace. However, when she herself was tired of my routine desire to do new things, she used to either send me to my Nani’s place – Varanasi or to any city, if I had a trip planned in my head.

Yes, my Maa would be one of those rare mothers who was happy see me traveling – she got her sound sleep. Just kidding, but none of my parents ever questioned my traveling bug.

So, I would ask my friends and pals to make some plans and adhere them as well. But eventually somehow none would accomplish and I would literally be so angry with them. However, with several plans getting cancelled and nothing substantial happening, I decided to travel solo. Yes, I begun with Varanasi, then Delhi, and then there was no looking back to it.

And when I traveled, I always had a book with me, and today when I travel I always have a book with me.

Having said that let us begin with my Favorite Books of all time, after reading a very few out of the billion books out in the market.

Becoming By Michelle Obama

The first autobiography I ever read was that of Mahatma Gandhi: “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”. However, I had never read a memoir. I came across Becoming via a video, where someone told about it, but i don’t remember now. Thereafter, I did not get a paperback edition but downloaded an audio book for the same from Storytel app. The way Michelle Obama has read the book and described each and every details it feels so surreal. I surely would read the book too.

Norwegian Wood By Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is one of the authors that my best friend introduced me. It was then that I bought a couple of his books. My first read was his book – Dark Ages, which is a very light and subtle book. This could be the one all nighter book you can grasp and finish. However, Norwegian Wood – you will not be able to leave the book. It sticks around you forever. This is one book, which I can re-read forever and ever. Yes, it is that favorite and close to me. The story how Toru Watanabe goes ahead in his life and his attraction towards Naoko – it is one of the best reads I have ever made.

Catcher in The Rye By J.D. Salinger

It was my course book, when I was studying English Literature honors. I never knew it was a gem. I read this book later on. It was during one night where I was laying on my bed and getting bored. I saw this kept in my bookshelf peeping out and it smiled to me, waved at me, when I looked at it. Eventually I picked it up and then could not resist but turn every page until the end. It was also, after this book that I fell in love with American Literature (during my graduation years).

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Another light read but an amazing masterpiece. The story will leave you amused at the end. And it has the strength to stick throughout the story. At the end of the book, I felt it was just like the stories that we read, which had a moral. It is such a light and so much

The Kite Runner By Khalid Hosseini

I got this book while I was on a travel and I had forgotten to keep one for me. Khalid Hosseini had so beautifully described his love for relationships, and how he used to be scared, he feared, and how immensely he loved the people around him. The kindred spirit is so beautifully explained. If you want to give yourself a very calm and composing weekend – go for it.

Palace of Illusion By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Last but the gem I would never forget. I came across this book while I was writing an assignment. However, this is one book, which changed my perspective, in terms of writing. The way, the author, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has shown the same mythological story with the point of view of Draupadi, its just amazing. Do read it, it’s amazing.

Now, off-lately I have also tried myself to switch to kindle or PDFs, however, I haven’t been able to. I am an old school girl, when it comes to reading books. I am happy with reading my book, there is a sense of joy I seek in turning the pages over scrolling them on the internet.

Yes, I have been loving the concept of Audiobooks. I took a subscription of Storytel and loved it. This is my 2nd month and I have heard not many but a couple of books and its amazing. No, it isn’t a sponsored post, but a suggestion from an avid book reader to another.

Hope you guys liked this edition. I hope, I also keep reading more and more books, to come up with second edition.

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  1. Wow that is a long train ride! It would be nice to go on just so I could get some quiet time to read to myself. All of these sound great but I think I like "The palace of illusions" the best.

  2. I have "Becoming" on my list of books to read. I dislike Hardcover books so I am holding out for the paperback…I guess I can't take any long trips until then, huh? Good book choices!

  3. I actually did read Becoming as my first audiobook whilst travelling! IT was so good, hard to put down at all! I personally LOVED Palace of Ilusions and Alchemist – all great recommendations!

  4. Lovely list! since I'm traveling quite a lot, I do sometimes read some of my fave books and with your list I'd like to try the Palace of Illusion By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni it seems promising. I'd love to read the story.

  5. I remember I tried to read the Alchemist years ago but I didn't really get into it. Not like all other books from Coelho. Maybe I should try reading it again.

  6. "Becoming" and "Catcher in the Rye" is on my to-read list (even though the latter is a re-read). As for Haruki Murakami, my next book is "Underground", which focuses on the notorious Aum Shinrikyo and the 1995 Tokyo Sarin Attack. I also want to read "after the quake" as the book is about the Hanshin Earthquake, which happened 25 years ago on Friday.

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