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Beat The Heat Travel Freely: Dresslily Camouflage Shorts

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“It is super hot here! Why God, Oh, Why?”

This is me each time during the summer at home. My mom can’t make me do the thing as many as this heat of summer does years after years. This time it made me find encouragement from Google itself.

Well, let me narrate a crazy incident recently I caricatured. In order to avoid the heat and find myself so, ET sort of consolations, I went into the debate with Google Assistant.

“Hey Google, What is the temperature today?”

“Wow! Triple Digits! – Today in Lucknow the temperature is 101”, she replied

“Don’t you think it is too hot here?”

“Some of my data centers run as hot as 95 degrees Fahrenheit! *inserts fire emoji*”

“But it is 101 degrees Fahrenheit here”

“I’m no hotter than death valley, which holds the record of 134.06 degrees Fahrenheit” *sun emoji* *shock emoji*

“Thanks for the encouragement google!”

(*sits and cries in the corner*)

I really dunno if the encouragement was sufficient enough or not, but it did one good thing, stimulated my eagerness to plan my next trip.

But hey, if you think that the convo between me and Google aunt stopped there, you are wrong! In fact, when I tried to dig dipper about the fashion that summer may adore and help me thwart the heat, aunt Google had many options.

But you know, before even I inquire further, it presented me with a Camouflage short and short but convincing logic as for why this summer, fashion is all about taking the heating head-on in Camouflage shorts.

Google Assistance: “Women look powerful yet gracious in a military uniform. But, that’s a bit dull for the fashion, isn’t it?”

“I guessed so”, I silently replied.

Google Assistant, “Then add a bit of style, a texture, a dash, and a bit of exotica.

“But, the world around me”, I exclaimed!

Well, what Google replied is something that I can’t mention here, but you guys are smart!!!

I was landed on the Dresslily page by aunt Google. It seemed I was the Alice in Wonderland, in a good way, of course. Indeed, the Dresslily people were sweet enough to send me the two camouflage shorts I picked from their website. Also, if you would like to get your pick, click here.

The first short is this layered shorts which are my favorite. This is very comfortable great for the scorching summers. And the best part it has pockets and is made of polyester.

The second one is this two-layered shorts with inner leggings. This is perfect for trekkings and traveling. It is very comfortable, I initially doubted the material but when received it was great!

(This post is in collaboration with Dresslink, opinion is strictly personal though)

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