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Being Travel-ish

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“Travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller.”

Hello Readers!

A passing airplane has always fascinated me. Since childhood days till today whenever I hear the grumbling voice of a plane or a chopper I run to my terrace just to have a glimpse of it. I stand still and see it until it disappears amidst the clouds. It may sound weird to a few that a girl of 22 does this. But you may tag it as a curiosity and passion in me to travel the world and I feel that I am seeing a dream with open eyes that one day will be fulfilled.

And before sharing with you all my travel stories, I would like to just give you a sneak-peak as why I am so passionate about travel, what attracts towards it! And I promise I would like to keep it short and simple and not at all boring!

Well, traveling comes to me as hereditary from my Dad. He is an avid traveler and loves to explore places; back from his college days till today. However, I think Dad alone cannot be left responsible for this. Like every typical movie buff, I too get inspired with them. Movies like Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani has been an important pillar for me to explore new places.

Traveling lets me explore not only new places, provides me a new atmosphere overall but lets me discover a new me, with every city I visit, every footprint I leave behind. When I look back today, I find myself loaded with number of memories, new stories to tell people out loud. There was a time, when I badly wanted to change the air around me, hence put forth my feelings in front of my parents. They understood me and let me go on a solo trip to New Delhi!

I would feel immense pleasure if avid travelers, passionate backpackers and all lovely people out there could connect with me and my passion mixed with crazy ideas of traveling. You know, being a girl and having a passion for traveling in India is a daunting combination. However, I cannot say when this travel bug bit me, but yes; today it is a passion to me. I now crave to explore new places- alone, with family or friends. And yes, I find myself blessed with the most amazing parents, since I never had to urge them much to let me travel. But yes, there is a single drawback of getting so much freedom- none of my girl-friend has it! And hence sometimes I tend to back out from a few trips that are being planned (Yes, now you know the reason, why did that back in time!) 

And this blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t let you dear readers know about my dream travel destination. It’s undoubtedly Paris! If like every other person you too are wondering why? Or have already judged me being romantic at heart and that being the reason, my dear friends let me bring it to your notice that I, myself am unaware and unanswered, as to why Paris? It is a city known as the most romantic city of the world, a fashion-driven one, but to me I will have to discover the answer once I touch the city myself. Well, I know that I may be far from my destination, I still have a long way to go, but I am already far from I have been.

And while sharing my travel stories with you all, I would love to share my travel dairies with you and also would love to know yours too.

With this, I would take a leave as a travel destination awaits me and will be back here with a post on my first solo trip to New Delhi.

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