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Cultures Around The Country – Rosegal Vintage Rings Collection

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Ornaments and Indians are inseparable. Having traveled to a lot of places I witness a cultural change in every city. From Southern cities like Kerela to Bangalore or in the North from Jammu to Jaipur. In the West from Ahmedabad to Ujjain and in the east from Darjeeling to Nepal.

I see women donning beautiful emeralds and gems on their fingers. They carry different style, patterns, and design they are from different cultures but their love for rings is undying; similar is mine!

Wherever I am traveling I love to collect sovereigns for my room. However, when I make a visit to any city the only thing I love to get for myself, which is mandatory are rings. Why? Once I have a whole lot of collection will let you know!

Rings either dainty or feminine, I love all kinds. It was a few weeks back I wanted to add a new ring to my collection, however, I had just returned from my trip and had no plans for next within a week.

The crazy craving could not stop me from searching them online. I landed on Rosegal. Scrolling through the site I found some amazing vintage rings. Check all of them, click here and I’m sure you’d fall in love with them all.

Rosegal was sweet enough to send me these two vintage rings.

Off lately I have started falling in love with dainty and huge rings. These give an instant oomph to the outfit. This dream cutout ring is very beautiful. The small gem in the center adds a glitter it required. All that I would say is that the gem might be fragile so not an option for routine wear.

The second ring I loved are these set of seven silver rings. Each ring is so different from the other. These are different rings so if you want you can wear it individually too. I often consider silver rings above golden. Therefore, these finger gypsy ring set is one of my favorites.

(This post is in collaboration with Rosegal, opinion is strictly personal though)

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