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Diving into the Extravaganza – Events, Concerts & Fests

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It sounds all hunky-dory when spoken about stepping out of your house to start a life in a new city. There is a different plan going in your head all over. It begins from making new friends to traveling to new places, partying and attending every concert/fest/event possible.

But when reality hits you, it hits you hard!

I would not say it is way too difficult, but it is not at all easy. Firstly, just throw out of your mind that you are going to not miss your family! Second, you have to get your shit together in order to lead a simple life in here.

Definitely, you can attend parties, events and fest. But attending all of them is a way too much to be fulfilled.

I have always thought that living independently, rather more precisely, away from my parents would make me learn the real facts in a much better way and even faster, I guess.

So, I always had in my mind that things will be not as beautiful as social media showcases. However, attending fest and events were surely on my list.

So, when I came to Mumbai the only part in the beginning excited me was the culture, the learning I would be able to get through. Eventually I made friends, I started to step out of my flat, apart from settling my cupboard and rooms there was a life that existed – I told myself “Everytime“.

And then I got an opportunity to attend the Spoken Fest 2019. This was their 2nd year and I was really excited. However, I had seen a couple of videos online from the previous year. And this year’s lineup excited me at some level and somewhere it was a bummer too.

Nevertheless, it was along with my colleagues and friends that I attended both the days of the fest. The lineup on both the days were amazing. However, it would have been great if I was able to attend the afternoon session, popularly known as the Goonj and Guftagu – which had insane lineup. Those included Mohammad Muneem: Alif, Roshan Abbas, Imtiaz Ali, Kabir Khan, Sheena Khalid, Aranya Johar, Blythe Baird, and many others.

But we were blessed to attend the Mehefil session, which no less than a madness. I now while writing wish that I should have written this blog the very day, in order to keep things as fresh as the daisy. However, “Better late than never” is all that I can console myself with.

The Mehefil Section on both the days were magical to me. From Jim Sarbh to Guneet Monga, Kubra Sait to Bhuvan Bam and of course, I would not hesitate to say the star of the complete Day – Prateek Kuhad. Prateek Kuhad is not a singer he is an emotion. A person who would not even take time to snap the fingers and will take you to another world with just the first chord struck on his guitar.

Day 2 was no less than the previous one – Alif, Rahat Indori and Indian Ocean along with an amazing performance by Slam out loud.

Spoken Fest was a magical experience hands down.

Before I could just wish, there was Youtube Fanfest 2019 sliding down the calendars of our life. And guess what? Lily Singh was to be here this time! Say whaaaaattt???

And the race for the tickets begun, yet again. However, it wasn’t much of an issue as the entry to the fan fest was free of  cost, however, we still wanted to divulge into some more inside extravaganza, and therefore, a crew pass is always a worth catch.

Being a YouTuber, a content creator myself, I used to watch a lot of content. I had a really nice encyclopedia of creators in my head, and it all fell like a hot brick once I was at the venue. I saw youth – yes youth – cheering for you-tubers with their patent dialogues and there was I – standing still my eyes moving from left to right in order to fetch the answer to my question – whom are they cheering? Who is it? Who is coming?

I am not a millennial anymore. I should bury myself inside the ground and gather sand from above. Except for a few names like Lily Singh, Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Koli. Mumbaiker Nikhil, I was dumbstruck to others name.

However, I still had the courage to wait and watch the complete show – I am still a millennial that way. *wink* *wink*

You know what is the best part of any fest – the stage performances. The performances are the best and especially when they are performed just for their fans. And to be honest it was the performance of Lily Singh and Humblethepoet that took my heart away. Bhuvan Bam and the surprise appearance of Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar (which was completely a promotional stunt to promote their upcoming film of that time – Kalank) was also appreciating.

Then there was the amazing show by “Manganiyar Seduction” directed by Roysten Abel. The complete show both visually and to the ears was so soothing. The stage decoration is inspired by the Red Light area of Amsterdam – the lights the visual play. You are left with no option other than being in awe with the performances led by Devu Khan, who is the musician, and a jaw dropping soloist on castanets.

Mumbai has given me a lot of opportunities. Opportunities to not only explore myself, the city, but also to explore and collect memories for a lifetime.

Traveling for me has completely changes its meaning after I have stepped to this city. However, there are a lot of things that is to be mentioned about the city of dreams, but that can be done on some other days, at some other time, on some other post.

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  1. I'm glad you went out there and enjoyed yourself! Concerts and music festivals are few of my favorite things – it's actually a thing here in the Philippines. Seems everyone enjoys watching and listening to live bands. There was a time when I traveled to Singapore JUST to watch Deftones – I regret nothing! Oh trust me, you'd be surprised how many non-millennial are in attendance!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the festival! Moving to a new place indeed it's not easy! I am going to do it again, for the third time in the past 7 years and I am not looking forward to not knowing anyone in the city again.

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