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Face To Face – A Reality Check Much Needed

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Before I begin with anything, this is my first post on the blog after months and there is a new name. Well, it was just recently when I did the most childish thing of my life. I forgot to pay the annual fees for my blog website. Yaayyee! Can I be more foolish? I could have restored the website, but it was costing me a whooping 7k extra, which I could not afford. This is a reality! Yes, no blogger would let you know that but me. Anyways, this blog isn’t about boasting about myself. It is about facing reality.

Yes, there are 100s of people who have been letting the difference between real and unreal out. Alas! Social media and the well-framed faces make it really difficult to not fall for it. I have been an Instagram and social media addict. Why I specially mentioned Instagram, you ask? Because I am constantly on it, I close my phone, keep it aside and five minutes, I am back on it. I keep on refreshing my screen sometimes – when Instagram keeps on telling me “You’re All Caught Up” “You have seen all the posts from the past 2 days.”

It is very frustrating, choking at times. I know in my mind that this is all for the audience, for a little bit of entertainment. I am well aware of the fact this is to keep your mind easy and not make it heavy. However, the former doesn’t ever play on me, the latter does its black magic.

I am not that regular when it comes to posting on my social media. If I am traveling somewhere, sure I capture everything that entices me. Yes, there are few posts just to let people know that “Hey world! I am traveling!” There are several #Throwbacks on my feed as well.

If you all have been reading my blogs, you know off-lately my travel destinations might not sound exotic. I am traveling to plains and areas where people do not often opt for traveling purposes. I have been to Indore – twice and Bhopal in the past couple of months. These are places very rare “Travelers” will let you know of. Why did I write a blog on it? Duh! I traveled there; I have interesting stories about those places. I, myself thought that these places wouldn’t be “Instagram” worthy, but then when I went there, I read about them beforehand, I did go through a change of mind. Yet I would say there are still things that I will not accept, albeit I have been doing it.

That’s REALITY to me.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you do not want to read an opinionated piece, please don’t scroll further.

It was recently that I posted on my social media an artwork by my friend, Amrit. We have been trying to open our creative minds and try out something new in our respective fields. She is an artist, whereas I write. So, all of a sudden, she had this idea of scribbling her photograph and making something out of it. She made me see it and after some mutual discussions we came up with an artwork really close to my heart. That same artwork is the reason for this blog post as well.

In the past two to three years, the time I was pursuing my master’s in journalism and Mass Communication, there was a set perspective in people’s minds. I have always been given an answer “Zindagi to tum hi jee rahi ho!”, which means “You are the only one living Life”. Let me bring this to you notice, I write about my traveling, my travel stories, the memories I make, and everything related. It is just the fact that I write about it, also that I have a knack of using a camera and clicking pictures. But that doesn’t mean anything to boast. You are good at number, bloody I till date cannot learn the table of 13 until today.

The write-up, which was appreciated, but didn’t grow much on me –

Normalizing late working hours, spending hours in front of the laptop, not returning back home for 3 consecutive days, leaving everything behind…

Typing, typing, typing……
what? shit?
erase, type, erase, ideate, draw, erase, undo, draw…

and at last

It’s just the final output you see, it’s the envy you feel, the not so good things you speak, the jealousy you smell & the little of the pre-work stories you hear.

It’s the blank canvas we see, the numb hands we feel, the “okay will try to be better” we speak.
But – “Zindagi to tum hee jee rahe ho” we hear.
I know I have been writing about my travel stories and that is what people mostly come to read. However, I had to let it out of my system. I always wanted to write about it. And I guess it was high time I wrote it. Since I am seeing a lot of people not just admiring but falling prey to the “influencing” act that has been making roundabouts. Oh my God! She has the perfect waistline, OMG! He is so good looking, he has the perfect jawline, this is perfect that is perfect, but alas! You who judge it sets norms for your “perfect” definition does not possess perfect thinking, in my opinion.

Having said that there is another reality check that has to be spoken about. Enough might have been said, but the more we say, the more it is spread. 
There is CAB, NRC protests, which has made be so proud of the nation. The people are actually so united. They are there to fight for what is right and what is wrong. The political godfathers thought that there will be just 5 lakh “muslim” immigrant who will maximum protest about it. But, to their shocker the whole country is one and stands vehement in protesting against the CAB passed recently. Ironically, there is 144, which has been enforced, and there is government rally that is taking place – are the ministers and the PM not an Indian Citizen? I wonder.

Yes, I travel, and I will be traveling very soon. I will be posting a few blogs related to holiday travel as well. Also, I hope you like the new blog name as well. Please accept – Girl On The Window Seat as you accepted Girl Explorador.


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