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For the Stronger Immunity & Health: KOFOL Immunity Tablets

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Whenever I am traveling, I make sure I have my emergency medical kit ready. Yes, my parents since the beginning have always had this one pouch which has all the generic medicines like one for headache, fewer, and cough and cold. So, this is not something I have been trained for but something that has been observed and is a habit now.

So, since I was planning for a trip soon, I made sure all my medicines were updated, no expiry, nothing. And it was then that my father asked me to add some immunity tablets in the kit. And I was like, “Yes, this is the new normal.” However, irked you might be, eet eez what eet eez…:, right? 


I then thought of sharing with you all what has been my go-to medicines that I always have or what is that I have updated in my kit. 


Let us start with some immunity tablets – that is the new additions and then move on to our good-old cough syrup. 


  1. KOFOL Immunity Tablets

Immunity tablets are one thing that we all have been advised a lot of times. Not just tablets but anything that boasts our immunity. Remember the “Kadha” that everyone consumes. Ah! The taste – spare me the horror! But the Kofol Immunity tablets are one of those lesser known things that are highly effective. My father has been consuming them in the dosage of 1/day – also you can consult your doctor. And with traveling it is all the more important to build your immunity and make it stronger. 


The key ingredients in the tablets:

  • Giloy / Guduchi

  • Haldi – this one has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Triphala Guggul

  • Shunti

Along with these there are other ayurvedic ingredients that make the immunity tablets so effective and they are Pippali, Manjishtha.


  • These are 100% Ayurvedic immunity tablets

  •  Since they are Ayurvedic, there is no side effects whatsoever – the ingredients are our good-old herbs

  • These are formulated by expert Ayurvedic doctors

  • The key ingredients are the medicinal herbs like Giloy/Guduchi, Haldi, Shunti, Pippali etc. which are highly effective in building immunity

  • Helps in making the body’s defense system stronger against cold-cough – whatsoever is the reason. 

Here are the links to the KOFOL immunity tablets:

2. Kofol Syrup

Now, the good old cough syrup. By now you all know that I am a mountain person, I cannot ever get tired of the mountains and visiting it. So, yes – hint-hint next trip is that to the mountains. Therefore, it becomes necessary for me to carry cough syrup, because you never know! And kofol cough syrup has helped me a lot. Especially with the sore throat, throat irritation, and that itchy throat. So, it comes really handy to me. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Shunthi

  • Tulsi

  • Haridra Shunthi

  • Yashtimadhu, vasa

  • Bhibakti

Now these amazing ayurvedic products help in calming your throat and offers you that cooling effect which you crave for when it comes to the throat infection. 

The Benefits:

  • Works for both dry and productive cough

  • Reduction in sore throat and irritation

  • It is for both adults and children – so yay!


Links to the Kofol Syrup: 


3. Kofol Chewable Tablets

I am personally a tablet person. than syrup. However, chewable tablets is one thing that I tried very recently. And I kid you know this is not an ordinary tablet. It is easy to chew, however, it has that herbal fragrance, but at the end it is a medicine – no flavors added! You need to have better health than chewing flavors, right?  So, the KOFOL Chewable tablets are a win-win situation for me. Let us hop to the ingredients. 


Yashtimadhu, Kankola 

Pudina satva, lavang oil



Kapur, kali miri

Links to the Kofol Chewable Tablets: 

4. Kofol Gargle

I have always been told to gargle with salt water when I suffer from an irritated throat, sore throat, or that itchy situation where my voice changes drastically.  So, KOFOL has this amazing product that is Gargle and this one has a lot of herbs in it. So, it si no xyz gargle but one with medicinal properties, that help in clearing your throat. 



  • Pudina

  • Bhibhitaki 

  • Tulsi

  • Yashtimadhu, vasa 

  • Shunthi 

  • Alum


  • Beneficial in sore throat – especially when that itches a lot

  • Fast relief from throat discomfort 

  • Provides cooling and soothing effect to the throat

  • No bitter aftertaste – yes, I thought it would definitely have one, but no! 

Links to the Gargle:

Personal Experience:

I have already blabbered so much about the products individually, but having a last word is always useful. The medicines by KOFOL are very beneficial for me. Especially because I travel – I need to keep myself safe with all that is going on – Corona! But even people who are not traveling do suffer from viral infections or change in weather – the KOFOL products come in very handy!

About Charak Pharma:

Now, KOFOL iws the name of the brand, but who is behind it? It is Charak pHARMA – THEY ARE India’s oldest medicine manufacturing company. 

Their mission and vision is to research and formulate standardised products of the highest and best quality.They keep customers first – always their priority. They have always taken their customer feedback very seriously and try to bring changes accordingly. 

You can check out their website, here: and

Instagram Handles – @vedistryindia @charakpharma

Facebook – @vedistryindia @charakpharma

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