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Haridwar: How It Opened Doors to Spirituality

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Pouring my heart out today, yet again.

I have been brought up in a family that is secular, never been caged towards spirituality. My parents believe in one superpower above – the almighty. They took us to temple visits on travels and to every auspicious ceremony the Jain traditions have. I never opposed the tradition, I followed it without any questions taking their thoughts as the primary one. 

It was gradually when I saw more of the world, met people, and had my share of experiences that I created my own views. Still never questioned what my parents taught me. To be honest they were never the “this is what it is” kind of people. They did their part of the work, and I followed it, even if I did not I am sure they would have had no issues. The reason is my younger brother is an atheist. 

It might feel a little gimmicky, but it was during the year 2020 when there was a Shiva connection that struck my chord. It was the “Corona” year, I did not visit any temple, I saw no such documentaries whatsoever. But it just happened. 

Fortunately, we visited Haridwar for the first time. And – this place just changed everything.

Here’s my Haridwar Vlog, check it out for a more virtual, visual tour.

I felt an air of energy, which was unreal, if I may say so. I am a Shiv devotee – definitely not a blind one. But for now, let us keep that aside and talk about emotions, Haridwar.

The change was incoming, I was too carefree to notice it. 

Walking on the roads of Haridwar wasn’t a routine one. Each step, every nook, and corner of the place gives you a surreal vibe. It is interesting to discover that I was so nonchalant about Uttarakhand as a destination, and today, I fall short of words to explain this beauty. Never judge the book by its cover”, being a science student, I am obliged to say, “hence proved”.

Pilgrims at the ghat – Right after the sunset 
Prepping up for the Ganga Arti – the Sandhya Arti

Speaking about spirituality – there are a lot of myths, and stories that go around about Haridwar. The most prominent one is that the elixir (Amrit) from the Samudra Manthan incident was dropped by Garuda (bird from Vishnu Puran) in four cities – Prayagraj (formerly known as Allahabad), Nashik, Ujjain, and Haridwar. Making Haridwar a prominent place of visit. 

Let us take it this way, you are surrounded by temples, the river Ganga flows from one side, you have a mild essence of the mountains, and there is a smell of spirituality every time you take a walk in the gallis. Isn’t it mythical enough? Indeed!

Over time I have realized how small the power of words becomes. Not every emotion has to be put into words sometimes. There are a gazillion times when all you need is to close your eyes, relax your shoulders and take a long deep breath. It is that simple. 

Your eyes, your mind, and your soul speaks a thousand words in the form of emotions and feelings that the same is reciprocated in your body.  And this feeling is how Haridwar opened the doors to spirituality for me.

And that my friend is spirituality for me. Peace of mind, body, and soul. That is Haridwar for me. 

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