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Here’s How I Am Making The Best Use Of Lockdown

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Covid-19 popularly known as the coronavirus entered our lives so casually and changed it drastically. The lockdown has brought our lives to a halt, a stop. For me, it has already been a month of lockdown. My office inculcated the work from home practice much before the official lockdown in India. In the initial time of the days, I was happy, moving around my flat, and doing my stuff. Little did I know that this was going to be a huge issue all around the world. The world is infected with the coronavirus.

I had my tickets already booked for my home in the first week of April since my friend was getting engaged. Coronavirus canceled that too. Well, I am not sorry about it, since that was a much-needed step to be taken. What actually shook me was how all of a sudden our life has come to a halt? What has our life come to? So, below is a very personal note/write-up/understanding and observations.

“Slow Down! You are running too fast in your life!”
“He has grown too fast, he has no time for himself neither his family.”
So, on and so forth!

There are infinite times when you might have heard people around you say this. People are in a race to earn money, fame, fulfill their needs, achieve their dreams.

So, making things short and crisp, (even though I have written a plethora of dialogues above, and am not even stopping now, OK Stop!) below are the things I have been doing since the 2 months of Self Quarantine!

1. Watching, Reading, and Creating Content

I have always complained of not getting quality time to watch movies, series, or any content. I love reading books and I could also not manage to read my books. This was not just a complaint, but I found myself ashamed and embarrassed when the other person encyclopedia of content being way more than mine. Well, of course, one should not compare yourself with others. However, as human psychology works is you end up having this feeling of malice. But when Lockdown was declared my binge-watching started, I watched a lot of movies, series. Both related to travel and the different genre that will somehow help in my filmmaking too.

Also, I took a resolution of reading 12 books this year, one book each month. That is too going really well, as of now. So, make the best use of the time, just binge watch whenever you get time. 

2. Planning My Future Travel & Trips

This is yet another thing, I have been doing to encourage myself. Like anyone else, my anxiety levels shoot up crazily. My schedule went from Eat, Watch, Create to Eat, Cry, Repeat. Well, there was a week where I cried like a baby. 

There was nothing that offended me, or I felt bad about it, I just cried. One fine day a very close friend started talking to me about my travel. The stories I narrated him and the shared some funny incidents too. It was then he slightly slipped the idea of discussing my future travel destinations. It was a very great move, I must say. Now when I feel low and out of the blue, I think about being positive. Nothing but travel makes me way more sorted than anything. 

3. Taking Up Extra Projects

Since I have been sorting my travel bucket list, I am also taking up those extra projects to save more. These not just fill in the extra time I have but also helps me save more. And of course, I rarely get collaborations, so it is most of the time that I end up traveling with my own money. 

4. Scheduling My Life, In General

To be honest, life was running too fast, at least for me. It was following the same cycle day after day. I did have trips that I went on, but it had become somehow monotonous. Since I am also working towards writing scripts and filmmaking, I cannot give my work a miss. Definitely traveling is the ultimate peace, but filmmaking has become a baby to me.

Managing my life was a very basic thing I needed to become a pro at. Definitely, I would not say I have managed my life, no. Life is uncertain – frankly speaking, it has more shocks than surprises in my case. But I have certainly made better use of my time than before. 

5. Taking Ample Amount of Rest

And last but definitely not the least, taking rest. Social media has made a hullabaloo about “being productive” well, to be honest, it is not a necessity. There is no pressure. And this is the time you should not be taking any pressure. One of the main reasons being you have no place to go, no fresh air to breathe in terms of changing your atmosphere. Therefore, do your thing, definitely, you have got the time but do not put pressure on yourself. Things will happen and take its own sweet time. I too had weeks where I did nothing, just, laying on my bed, eating, and watching films.

So, these were major 5 things I could categorize my Quarantine time. It is the 58th day of the official lockdown here in India and we all have seen all. We are in this together, each one of us is going through the best and the worst times of their lives. But just make sure by the end of the day you are happy. If not happy you have to realize this is what Life is, you can either let the time pass smiling or crying and making yourself weak.

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  1. I agree with you. Even with the craziness of the situation, it has led to time to slow down and truly take time for yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are on lockdown since march so i made a travel blog lol. Keep safe in India! I wish this pandemic ends so we can go back to traveling

  3. I'm totally with you with the first one. watching netflix "Gossip Girl series and a lot more", finishing my books, and creating more blogging contents! Keep it up and good luck to us! 🙂

  4. Updating the old travel bucket-list is exactly what I am doing too during this lockdown. I guess people who like to travel are all making plans for when the lockdown is lifted.

  5. It is such a nice thing to do! One should actually take it positively and make use of the time. Kudos! I will surely check out your blog, do share the link. And I wish the same.

  6. That is the only great way to do. Making the best use of time. Wherever we are, let's not forget how skillful we are in using our time especially during this lockdown. Thank you for using the best of it. You're an inspiration

  7. I like that you're keeping yourself busy during the lockdown especially planning future travels (planning makes me super excited)! Recently I've been learning a language and new instrument. I've also been creating content and reading books just like you. ��

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