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Life in Lucknow Is Leisure and Fun Beyond Stereotypes

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“Let me Live Lucknow Life For Leisure and Luxury”

For some, who travels the destinations, talking about their own town or city is demeaning. However, I find it even more satisfying to unveil the hidden gems of my hometown; especially, if the name of the city is Lucknow. The history of the city has always been talked about but rarely have seen people talking about the present-day culture of the city,  except gigantic parks of political influence.

For those unaware souls, I introduce current state of the social affair through my today’s SLOW. The Lucknow has always been known for celebrating life beyond religious bias. Lucknow Mahotsav is one magnanimous and magnificent example of social harmony that Lucknow is the epitome of. 

This year there were several changes made with regards to Lucknow Mohatsav. Changes in the name of the so-called developments. The essence of Mohatsav seemed to have faded to me, which should ring alarm bells in the administrative circles. However, being a traveler, traveling has taught me to see positivity in the most drastic situation. The reason being I chose this picture as the “Spotlight Of The Week”.

To every Lucknowite, the picture tells the real story behind the fair, which includes – the giant wheel, a huge decorated area with colorful lights, and the hustle-bustle of Lucknowites around craft shops to utility stores and from fun rides to food stalls. 

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