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Naukuchiatal: The Nine Cornered Lake

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“Going to the Mountains, Is going Home!”

The week that took my breath away!

It was no lesser than a dream coming true. A much-anticipated solo trip after a long time was happening, that too without any hurdles. Finding myself amidst milky white mountains and serene waters was no less than rediscovering my own being – the likes of experiences I crave and long for.

Naukuchiatal – in a single word; celestial. the holiday destination is one of the jewels of Uttarakhand but less explored. The “9 taals of Nainital”.

While I was traveling to Naukuchiatal, I encountered several questions where Google fails. I was left pondering that in the last couple of years; ever since I started traveling, the first-hand experiences have taught me much more than reading.

While trekking the hills through the morning, a guide narrated several stories of this hilly town. This picture explains the exact story. Naukuchiatal lake has 9 corners. From a unique point, you can see all of 9 corners. Don’t ask me if I could reach the point if you can ever find that spot, which may make you a millionaire or leave you dead, let me know as and when you visit Naukuchiatal and if you find that spot.

This lake has oxygen plants inside the lake. Hell, this is scary, isn’t it? You must think why? Well, the level of oxygen falls so low as you approach the lake that it leaves the fishes lay dead on the banks. The oxygen plant then forms several bubbles when you see it carefully. Well, but my SLOW is all about an alluring mountain range, the fog formation above the lake and the moving water and mildly splashing breeze. Is it captivating to me only? Figure out yourself.

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