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Never Knew These Cycle Tours In India Existed! #ForHer

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India is the land of the mystic beauty and awe. It is a vivid dream from which no traveller wants to awake. It is the destination where one can find solace and peace in things he considered small. It is the place where happiness is not measured but is like an incessant running stream. It is abode to thousands of Gods and is always willing to accommodate more because for Indians “atithi devo bhava”. But often we do generalise travelling with visiting. Visiting to India is a lot different than travelling to India.

If you did the first you have not felt the real essence of this country but if you did the latter you have given true meaning to your journey. Many a travellers visit to India to search for something new but they leave empty handed. Only those achieve their milestones that are ready to travel through every milestone and travel the roads less travelled. We are talking about cycle tourism in India. Yes, you heard it right. India on bicycle, isn’t it a fascinating thought? It is the deftest way one can spend his time, rummaging through every nook and corner of the country to find the unseen India.

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Why make cycle your traveling source?

Talking about travelling on bicycle, the first question that crops up in our mind is why a bicycle. There is a plethora of reasons to choose a bicycle over any other vehicle. The first and foremost cycling benefit is that it is eco-friendly. By touring on bicycle, tourists are not only saving energy and commuting pollution free but are also promoting the use of it and promoting the use of eco-friendly mode of transportation. Secondly, they are bringing down the cost of travelling by using a bicycle. Bicycles are way cheaper than any other means of transport. A nice mountain bicycle can be bought around 6-7k and if you are not interested in its post expedition use, you can also rent a bicycle. Plus, there is no expenditure on fuel.

There are many cycling groups in India which include providing a bicycle in their travel packages. Another reason to use a bicycle on such country trips is that cycling keeps the rider in good shape. Riding cycles is beneficial for health and heart. The more you sweat, the better it is. Often it is said that the real magic is not in the success it is in the struggle. What better struggle than burning your own calories and pushing your muscles harder to take you to your destination. “Success is sweet, but its secret is sweat” is justified by cycling tourism in India. Moreover, riding in beautiful locations is the best thing you would ever do. It makes you feel connected to that place. You can explore and discover that place better than any other means. Your cycle can reach to places where the roads are narrow and where there are no possibilities of a car or jeep. Hence, are more efficient in reaching every beautiful and secluded destination.

Fantastic bicycle tours in India:

Imagine the cold breeze of the southern coastal strips, the plateaus covered with clouds ready to wet the dry rocks, the mountainous tracks which call on your adventurous spirit to take them one on one, the roads of Thar and the beautiful Rajasthani cities taking you to places which will fill you with awe; a fantastic string of thoughts. If you ever want to turn these thoughts to a reality, take the step, join your own saga of India on Bicycle to witness the mesmerising journey which shall always be a once in a life time experience for you. Bicycle tours in India usually comprise of cycling through Rajasthan, cycling in Ladakh and south India.

Explore Rajasthan by cycle:

Bicycle tour Rajasthan involve a must have cycling tour in Udaipur. Bicycle tour in Udaipur takes you to a land of regal history boasting a magnificent culture and grandeur past. In between your expedition you will pass through small villages and schools. After you get tired you can have your lunch at the banks of any lake. Poetically christened the “Venice of the East”, Udaipur is also nicknamed the “Lake City” or “The City of Lakes”. Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar, fateh Sagar lake and Swaroop Sagar are some of the most beautiful lakes in the entire region. It is a setting for some of the most splendid architectural treasures of Rajasthan. Total bicycle tour in Udaipur sums up to 40-50 kms. After Udaipur the next cycling destination in Rajasthan is Kumbhalgarh. This place is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the great warrior of Mewar. It has a Fort that is a Mewar fortress. The walls of this fort extend over 38 km and claimed to be the second-longest continuous wall after the Great wall of China.

The next stop is Ranakpur which is famous for Ranakpur Temple, a marble Jain temple dedicated to Rishabha the traditional founder of Jainism. Other places of interest include Korta. Here one witness the village life in its fullest and purest form. The village of Korta is home to Rabari people. Bhenswara is another place which comes in the tour route while traversing through a pastoral landscape of villages and open fields. It is situated at the foothills of Aravalli on the bank of Jawai river. Bhadrajun also falls in between our route where one can take an insight of Bhadrajun Fort. Finally, after a lot of cycling you shall reach Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan. Here you shall visit Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada Memorial, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Lake Palace and Mandore Garden. Ranthambore and Jaipur can also be sight seen via bicycle tours.

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Here comes exploring natural beauty of North India:

Leh and Ladakh do not need any introduction to travellers. Cycling in Ladakh area is a dream for many. This rough track requires certain expertise and Prior Mountain riding experience. You can cycle on the world’s highest motorable road from Leh to Khardung La beyond which lies the Siachen Glacier & Khardung La Pass. This is one of the most difficult yet beautiful cycling routes in India. Manali to Spiti valley is another route that needs to be taken by an adventure buff. You will reach the highest village in the world in the course of ten days. you will be able to imbibe a sense of culture very different from your place and talk to the locals especially in the temples and monasteries. These temples and monasteries are very beautiful and full of peace. This route shall leave you with not only memories but newly made friends too whom who will remember for life long.

Out of all this, the basic question lies in how to prepare for your cycle expeditions in India. There are many cycling clubs in India which shall guide you before you take a trip with them. But if you are a solo trip maker. You need to plan carefully. It is always advisable to carry things that you need and not to carry unnecessary load. Cycling is easy when you carry less load and that to when it is attached to your cycle in the right manner. Your travel outfit should be according to the climate of the place you are travelling to. For example, Ladakh expect a lot of cold waves, so you need to cover yourself adequately. Else you can wear a bermuda, typical bike shoes, a proper headgear, rainfall equipment, leggings and bike safety goggles and gloves. 

Proper arrangements need to be made to defend yourself from rainfall and wind. A good rainfall coat and trousers are requirements and there are a wide range of options created for cyclists. When you have panniers, you should keep the load between 7 to 20 kg. Bicycles are more balanced if we put more bodyweight in our front side panniers. Products like tools, extra bicycle parts, utensils, containers, food and other clothing in the top side panniers and light, heavy things in the back panniers. Your resting bag, resting pads and covering are kept in the back holder and add to the body weight on the back rim. Last but not the least, it is very important to test ride your bicycle before any adventure ride. Your bike should be durable and should be of a good brand apart from it proper maintenance and servicing should also be done before any trip to ensure safety. Hero octane, Kross, Btwin series are some of the best bike for road trip in India.

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Is it safe to cycle in India? This question comes in the minds of many tourists. India hoisting a variety of geographical features can give you even the harshest environment and even the easiest and simplest treks. It depends totally on you and on how much of an adventure junkie you are. If you can handle the harsh environment you can go on any mountainous biking tour in the North including Leh, Ladakh, Himachal. But if you want a risk-free ride across serene landscapes then opt for bicycle tours in South India. Mumbai to Daman, Kochi to Backwaters, Chennai to Puducherry take any route you like, you shall find yourself in a perfect relaxing and comfortable environment. Also, if anyone is thinking of the universal question of it being safe for women? Well, it is safe. We are solo travellers, travel in groups, hitchhikers, and bag-packers. So, if we know what comes along with these professions, taking a cycle tour is fun! 

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