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No Bucket, No List – The Solo Female Traveler in Me Would Indulge in

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One more weekend, one more trip. Last Monday was another homecoming (Nah, no war going on, from a weekend wandering; of course). Although it was Monday, I thought to check adventures of online wanderers. Hashtag studded statuses and kaleidoscopic pictures explained the liveliness of their life. Being a Solo Female Traveler, I happened to scratch my head. My online discovery was more gorgeous compared to my travel discovery. I happened to discover that sipping coffee and shopping could be the most happening thing that can inspire #MondayMotivation af!

This was a reality check for me. My previous travel blogs and my social media timelines attacked me with allegations that I have been wasting my life not going shopping malls, not visiting cafes and restaurants, and of course ignoring game parlors and beauty parlors. I was flabbergasted. I had done nothing in my life, made no memories in the last 2 years!!!

It was time to give a jerk to my head to get rid of gibberish and laugh a little loud (Shhhhh…mom will wake up). The time started rolling back in front of my eyes, recollecting the days I drew a beeline about traveling places, narrating each travel experience, and indulging in every adventure that I can shape exactly unlike the Lame-Sunday-Morning souls find it “weird”. Do they even know what *Weird* is? Keep on reading to find out.

Neah….I ain’t talk’in about any bucket list. Skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, and underwater diving are things I’d eventually conquer being a traveler and a travel blogger. My so-called “bucket list” can by far be called unusual just like the “weird” life I have been living.
Enough of lamenting and lambasting…let me get real with me being weird.

Lay down under the sky:   
Sounds crazy? Some would find it “Romantic” too, as it was in “A walk to remember”, #Coyote Ugly”, and our own “ZNMD”(cheap, I would say though). Nope, I am not going to ask you to imagine, since that serendipity shall be mine exclusively. Letting cool breeze splash, letting stars shine and fall, merely gazing at and counting the twinkling. This is going to be truly serene and spiritual experience where I will be listening to the silence of nature and mine. This is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

Play guitar on the streets of Paris:

Paris is inexplicable; it is in emotions, not in words; at least until I touch the city myself. In Paris, I would indulge in everything that any Indian Travel Blogger would love to. Some unique, some cliche “to do” list is ever ready for me. However, one thing I’d be crazy to do is to play guitar on the street of the Paris without worrying about how the world would perceive me. It will be a music of my own, my own desire. Of course, besides Eiffel Tower!

Climb the tree and pick fruits:
Would you grant permission to your memories to go as far as it can? Can you remember those childhood days and a visit to your villages through broken roads and lush green fields? Well, I do not have their privilege as my family has always been to the cities. But then, dad, who has always fulfilled all my wishes, once took me to the Malihabad, near Lucknow; straight into Mango Gardens “Aam ka Baagicha”. I mark myself blessed enough having to climb a mango tree, pluck them myself, and savor them right on the branch of the tree. Trust me, this crazy stuff would stay with you forever. As it was not by myself, I’d indulge once again on my own and would swing in a happiness by hanging on the branch of the trees.

Cycling on the streets:

The first thing you would imagine me doing being a travel blogger is a sightseeing. Indeed, every blogger would think of doing. But this is Aanya, she would keep being a blogger for the last, and would indulge in pleasure first. This has been a matter of style, you see. Instead of hiring a taxi, I would hire a cycle and would roam around the city as much as I can (with the help of a paper map and not Google Map, of course). Sounds weird? Hello weirdo, save the environment. *wink* wink*. I would love to grab the entire city by my embrace, ad cycling is the best way to experience any city. Hence, no cab, the cycle is fab.


I was introduced to the snow-covered mountains at the very early age. I even was driven through snow-clad roads. I have played in snowmaking snowman as well. I have been to Gangtok, Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Jammu and many places to have those privileges. However, the only desire that yet to is met is witnessing the snowfall and actually walking and dancing under. Spreading my hands open, heads up, and let the snow fall on my face going to be one such paradisiacal experience that I’d preserve for next life too.

So, now being a claimed “weirdo”, Adios, and my Agra trip will be up on the blog next Monday!

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