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Plan. Pack. Travel.

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Bonjour Les Amis,
Nope, I am not packing for Paris as yet, although my packing list is ready. However, it is just that my fascination for the City of Lights has increased many fold in the last 24 hours.
Paris, New York, or Rio – a corner in our soul is always tempted to define our whole being as a global traveler. Every morning when I see a global map hanging on the wall of my room, this temptation goes wild and weird. Something punches from within and pushes me to pack whatever comes in hand, put on the shoes, and move out of the breathing graveyard.
But you know what, this blood rush often makes you forget things that are essential for you while you pull your backpack on your shoulders. When I was made to jump on a bus heading towards Sunauli on the way to Kathmandu, I realized a couple of things I could have packed. 
Being a girl traveler, it is essential to have a list of things prepared well in advance to ensure you do not forget a single thing that could throw your trip into a mess and you are left with arranging things for yourself instead of enjoying the trip.
So, here are the 10 essentials you forget but from now on this blog of mine will not let you forget them ever.
Moisturizer/Makeup Remover: Girls, you gotta be very sure about your skincare not only when you are in your house, but especially when you are traveling. One of the major reason the change is in the air. And yes, here is a hack for you guys, instead of remembering a number of things it is best to carry Coconut Oil. This one solution will not only moisturize your skin also you can use it as a balm or makeup remover.
Cash: The wisest advice you may get is to carry one credit card extra while traveling. Wise, really? Plastic money can’t buy you everything. (Jokes apart) It is advisable to carry decent amount in cash while using credit or debit card wherever possible. When some of the hotels in Delhi do not have their swipe machine working, expecting online payment options in Leh or Sikkim is a bit risky. 

Portable Charger: Makeup bag, check. Camera, check. Phone, check. Charger Check. Power Bank? One of the major things, despite knowing the importance about the portable charger, we always forget to carry them. Relying on the hotels is not an option. During your escapade, you never know your phone battery goes off and are unable to contact anyone! Well, to save yourself from the horror carry a Portable Charger!

First Aid & Medicines: This is one thing I can never forget! My dad, as I spoke about his traveling passion, is very concerned about First aids and medicines. In a different place, where the only source of your weather awareness is Google, you have to be very careful with your health. You do not want to spend your vacay days ill after all!

Extra Pair Of Jeans: Am I nuts, when the whole idea of baggage in travel is all about being compact? Nope, I’m not. Get rid of garbage, but carry an extra pair of jeans. Neither you are aware of the weather, nor of your own nature. An extra pair of jeans can be a lifesaver.

Lock and Key: “Passengers are responsible for their valuables.” Often read this quote in most of the places, right? But are we girls following that during our journeys? A lock and key are one of the necessities that need to be carried to lock your bags when traveling or fix it with our seat!
Thread and needle: God forbid but what if on a given day you might need them. Being carefree on the go is great, but uncertainties do not sympathize with us. You might hook your shirt somewhere in or your backpack might give up on you. Such situations demand a stopgap solution where a thread and needle can be your best buddy. 

Ziplock bags: Plunging in the serene waters isn’t a bad idea, but carrying wet clothes back home alongside ironed clothes would be annoying. Instead, carry a bunch of zip lock bags to keep your reusable garbage until you reach home and wash them properly.

Book: Traveling has imbibed in me many values, especially taught me to be patient with. The transformation of “being mad at anything” to “holding my breath” came with a surprise. A road trip made me stuck for four hours. Instead of losing temper, I found a friend in the novel I was carrying. I was saved from irritation and boredom both.
Hygiene products: Carelessness or fear, whatever it is, but girls in India are too awkward when it comes to their hygiene needs. Girls, men can never understand the cost woman pays to produce a man. So, don’t be ashamed and carry a set of hygiene product with you since during travel you can never be sure of rupture.

I hope you liked my blog and do let me know what are the major necessities that you often forget while traveling in the comment section below!

Ever wondered how do SoloTravelers Instagram is filled with amazing pictures of them? Want to know the secret behind it? Well, wait for my next post on taking pictures like a pro, next Monday morning!

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