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Rishikesh – Holiness that Attracts Everything!

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Spirituality is eternal. Something that no one can force on you comes from within, It is not just a way to connect to God, but to connect you with you. 

I was recently reading the book “All Roads Lead to Ganga” by Ruskin Bond. And I was quite intimidated by it to open my blog draft and pen down my thoughts in the draft. The draft which was apparently got lost in the web of work that leads to materialistic satisfaction. Rather than satisfying the thirst of the soul. 

The book talks about the Himalayas so vividly. And if you are an OG reader, you know my love for mountains is uncanny. The giant, lofty, and humungous rock so beautifully personifies strength and patience. So, the book is all about describing how most Ganga was originated – the myths, the fables that go on about it. The confluences at the various “Prayags” in Uttarakhand (Prayags – confluence of two or more rivers)

When anyone speaks about mountains – I picture Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand memories flash in front of my eyes. And when someone mentions Ganga – it is always Banaras/Varanasi and Rishikesh and Haridwar for me.

I make a sense of connection rather than a holy connection that comes naturally to me. I am connected to Kashi by birth – it is my maternal grandparents’ home. And I take shame to the fact – I have never gone for a “Ganga Snaan” (A holy bath, where one believes that all your impurities get washed away in the Holy river Ganga)

During my last visit to Rishikesh, I felt like coming back to a place that felt like home. My love for mountains has some major connection with my past life or associated with the purpose of my present life. Maybe it has something to do with my Shiv Bhakti, or maybe something else. But what I very staunchly believe is that there is a strong spiritual connection.

I visited Rishikesh, this time, with my family. Pure, light, and calm was the air that I breathed in – when exploring Rishikesh. Although this time there were fewer pilgrims, tourists to be seen in the town – COVID-19. I felt yet another contrast in the situation. Imagining the older years when humankind had not much interfered with nature – the pilgrims were dedicated, staunch believers, and had a lot of physical strength. Definitely, today’s pilgrim might or do hold a similar, maybe stronger belief but there has been a deterioration in the strength.

I strongly believe in the almighty connection. I am spiritual in a lot of aspects – a completely old school that way. And with Rishikesh, Haridwar I sense the Shiva Connection. I am a Shiv bhakt and I try to connect with him in my own chirpy way at times – looking up and having a conversation (sounds psychic, but this eet eez what eet eez!), so automatically the spiritual switch is switched on.

Solace, contentment, and peace is what I would regard my connection with Rishikesh.

Check out my Youtube Travel Vlogs when I visited Rishikesh!

Fun Fact:

I have been to Rishikesh – twice now. The first time I was there, my phone and I fell on the road while I was vlogging! Completely a mistake.

The second time I was there my phone fell into the Ganges – while my brother was clicking pictures. Woah! What a coincidence. 

Well is it my OnePlus 7Pro that feels the connection with Rishikesh just as I do, or is it Rishikesh that attracts everything!

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