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Road Trip 2020!

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This Road trip was INSANE!
You know there are times when you are well-aware that you want a trip so bad! You know you have to get out of that beehive shell of yours. You are completely aware of how important it is to just take that little break. It’s just that you aren’t sure if this is all you needed. I never realized I just need that one trip to the mountains. Well, this led me to plan a trip to Mussoorie.
I am a travel-buff, if that is even a word! I will never nod a no to travel plans. Until of course I am a little crunch on my pocket. It had been months I had traveled to the hills. Definitely 2019 has been a blessed year with traveling. This is the ideal year I would always want to have. This year’s resolution includes the same plan – however, way more productive, of course. Speaking of productivity, I have re-started my YouTube Channel and Vlogging, as they say. Make sure if you like reading my content you also watch my youtube videos – where like the former I improve with each passing day.
Moving on with my ardent will to go to spend a few days up on the mountains. I was always skeptical with the amount of budget and the place I had to go. Well, I made all the calculations and decided NOT TO DECIDE the Destination until I reach Delhi. New Delhi was the starting mark for my road trip. To be very honest I did not even decide whether it was a road trip where we will be driving to the mountains. I kept this trip to be as raw and surprising as possible for me, Was it too much I left to destiny? You will get to know that super soon. Just keep on scrolling while you read.
I packed my bags and carried all the layers I was definitely not using in Mumbai. Caught my flight to New Delhi and reached my hotel. – Let us just keep this, this small and move to the catch!
I had booked my car from Backpackers Car Rentals a few days before, since the prices were roaring up the sky it being the new year’s eve. I reached my hotel and it was then I looked on the internet which destination to pick. I had certain tick marks to follow. One of them being Snow, of course, other being whether I have been to the place or not and also the distance. So, after all this I decided MUSSOORIE to be the destination. I slept well and packed to start my journey afresh.
It was the next day, I picked up my car – which was a hustle, since you aren’t much aware of the surroundings, the areas. Therefore:
PRO TIP #1: Always keep the pickup for your car at your hotel. Sometimes the car rental companies do charge a little extra. It is then you must trust and keep your map handy to avoid that extra hole in the pocket. 

#PRO TIP #2: Always make a video of the car you rent in front of the person who delivers you the car. It is always helpful.

I picked up our car and here we go!

I had decided to not stop before I leave Delhi. I believe it is all psychological. My reason to not stop until we catch the highway is because I believe I cut down half my battle of calm road trip is when there is no traffic. So, avoiding traffic is a major thing for me. Although I don’t mind until it is a road trip! You know what I mean, right?
And also, I vlogged about my road trip! Yeah! Click on the video below and show some love there too!
My road trips are incomplete without stopping at a Dhaba and munching on some delicious parathas or pakoras, and tea – of course! 
So I did that enjoyed some amazing music and the qualms of the road trip. You know there is a serenity I feel. A sense of detachment from the “civilization” we live in. Another attachment to the peace of nature. Well, I surely DO NOT want to sound all Philosophical, but duh! Who cares when it is all so surreal and true. 
I just got reminded I have the least pictures from Delhi to Mussoorie! – Check out my Vlog!

Struggles a lot to climb and sit on this milestone!
Milestone pictures are the best!
My plan was to stop at Dehradun, but since I failed to book a hotel at Dehradun – I decided to move towards Mussoorie. And then there was something I did not see it coming. We started to drive on the hills. And I completely lost my soul and mind. Not exaggerating but I did shed a few drops of happy tears while we were driving on the mountains. 
I don’t know, I might be making the road trip as a huge hype but I find a lot of peace. Or maybe its all in my head. 
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  1. What an amazing road trip and sometime it is good not to schedule absolutely everything so you have that freedom. I can understand how you can cry at the beauty of nature -especially the mountains.

  2. Sounds like fun to just get up and go have an adventure! Also, I love your pro-tips! Taking a video of the rental is definitely helpful and will save a lot of potential headaches.

  3. I have been on many road trips, being residing in Delhi there have always been an option for a weekend getaway with friends or family. But we usually prefer driving our own vehicle only. And yes, no road trip is complete without halting at a dhaba for some chai, pakora or parathas.

  4. Looks like fun road trip. Thank you for sharing the most important tips that everyone should keep in mind for the rental car.

  5. You are pretty brave to drive in Delhi, I have been there three times and no matter what time, the traffic was horrendous. Sounds like you had a lovely road trip in the mountains though.

  6. Great trip and great article. I was like you before, but now since we have a baby it's a bit difficult. Hope in the future we will have the chance to travel more 🙂

  7. Beautiful trip!! I’ve noticed over the years that the less you plan during vacation the more fun you’ll have! Planning every second out is so stressful – we enjoy wandering around and really experiencing things instead.

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