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Serenity, Serendipity, Serene – A Visit to Govardhan Eco Village

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Lost in the woods here I go,
Under the open sky the wind blow.
Where is the rising sun I was seeking for?
There I was waiting and questioning more.

Lost in the woods here I go,
Where the river from the mountains flow.
Gathered my courage and stepped ahead,
What you seek is seeking you, it read.
This is one of those rarest occasions where I open up with my literary skills except for blogging. Just like every writing I have written down, I doubted myself a zillion times before opening up this blog that was supposed to be posted months back!

I have always been a mountain person. I love to let loose myself in the midst of the woods, trek, walk for hours and just be with the nature. I have been working towards my passion – a passion I have always been dreaming to pursue. However, that should be a different blog completely. However, I got this amazing opportunity to visit Govardhan Eco Village at Palghar in Mumbai, run by ISKCON and is located on the Manor-wasa road in village Galtare, near Mumbai. Around 120 kms from the main city, it took us about 3 hours to reach the destination. 

Well, as said the mountain baby was already thrilled on her way, when I saw the hills far-sighted. The drive was no less than the bliss. However cliche it may sound, but as soon as I asked the driver to switch off the ac and roll down the window, the wind blowing splashed on my dace and filled me with the euphoric energy. I knew the coming days are going to be an amazing one.

Destination Reached
Following the Google Map and instincts, we reached our destination. I had not expected the place to be crowded in a weekday since we were informed about. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could sense the mannerism of the spiritual place. There was a sense of peace, a sense of serenity that made the air smell completely different. The volunteers chanting the mantras, the “Hare Krishna” with a smile, the aura is such that it is inevitable, it is surreal, it is so positive!

“This is indeed going to be a complete detox time”, thought I.

The overall vibe of the location, the surrounding exuded a sense of calmness and peace. Despite having the sense of spiritualism in me, there was this mystical charm that kept me still.

Moving ahead, the stay! The Jungle Villas – Do I really need those flower words to define it? The pictures do not do any justice on he same.

But here we go!

What You Get? From Sunrise to Sunset
Well, the experience, for which you all have actually landed on my page! (Whatever your reason maybe, just let that be a build up in my head! Let the child be HAPPY)

The day at Govardhan Eco Village will begin at an unusual time of 4 AM. Yes! You need to really be on time if you want to mesmerize and make the best of your visit to the Govardhan Eco Village. Yoga, walk, and just admiring the environment are some of the activities you can self-indulge into. However, we moved on to the nature walk and while we were walking I was so awestruck by the people passing by. Everybody will wish you “Hare Krishna” join their hands, spread a smile on their face and cross by. This gesture was so much positive and filled me with such peaceful vibe.

The Eco-Village serves with a lot of Yoga programs, there were students from different part of the world, performing yoga in the studios and learning new forms.

While in the search of a nice sunrise point, what impressed me more of the atmosphere was the lust greenery surrounding. Long and luscious trees were so soothing to the eyes in the early mornings, the summer afternoons, which were not so scorching all thanks to the trees, and the chilly nights.

There were places where construction was going on, which later I was told that the materials used in the construction of the building was all eco-friendly. A very less amount of cement was used in the complete process, which adds to the aesthetic and the prevalence of the Eco-Village.

How Would You Name Your Cow? 

You must be wondering how come the path of this blog all of a sudden shifted to naming your cow? Well, the motive remains the same, however, there are a number of cows in the goshala of the Eco-Village, and each one of them is given aunique name. Ashwini Kumar, Vandana, to name a few.

Eventually I was awestruck with the organic farming, the green house and the garden on one hand and the modern amenities of spa and  – on the whole the greenery just left me so satisfied! The best part about the place is that you get the bets of the modern amenities amidst the beauty of woods. In a way it is the perfect balance of nature and modern amenities that one can ever ask for.

If you are someone who is craving for a day off, or is in love with nature, loves to capture the woods, or would require a calm and relaxing off, Govardhan Eco Village is surely recommended by me!

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