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SLOW – Capturing The Streets

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Non-residents of Lucknow are having lunch in a much better fashion than many of us hanging around the Puri-Sabjhi hawkers across the city. Does this speak of our culture and importance of healthy meal and decent style? 

Well, I happened to capture this artistic steel in which 3 women, (actually, I should call them business women) are having their lunch outside their makeshift store in Charbagh. Indeed, the image belongs to Tibetan Market of winter wear in Charbagh, Lucknow. 

Sheer hard work, sweating struggle in convincing the Lucknowites for their products, and amazingly logical selling pitch, all was jaw-dropping and truly transforming for me. “Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye” (The desires of my heart lie, my God) was playing in the back of my mind when I got my bike out to indulge in some street photography gig. When I returned, my mind was playing, “Robaroooo roshani…hai…!!! (I’m face to face with light). 

To each his own. Wondering how the beholder in you would perceive, but to me, it’s a perfect hue of life where every bite brings incalculable amount of satisfaction and builds will to work and prosper through perspiration. #Philosophy or #Realism, you decide. 

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