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SLOW – “Kesariya Balam Padhaaro Mhare Des”

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The oasis, aura, people, and dialect is the real essence of Rajasthan. From the enchanting folk music in the desert send to the harmonious handicrafts made in the huts, Rajasthan symbolizes the perfect in the breathless enthrallment in every iota.

With a first footstep, I had foothold in the city of forts, Jodhpur. Welcomed by the light breeze murmured something magical in a language that only we both could assimilate and wordless pronouncement only I could feel. The second step made me see the blissful colors perfectly amalgamated and forming a bevy of becomings.
The reason I chose this image to be the Spotlight of the day (SLOW) is the magnificence and splendor the city has to offer in a single frame. Sometimes, it made me realize the mystery, sometimes, narrates me the stories of centuries, and showcases a bioscope of royalty. Time traveling was possible yet again, this time, in the era of Rajputs.

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