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SLOW – The Pillars Of Life

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The geometrical pattern and depth this picture presents is something that fascinates. On every such occasion, the intriguing thought leads to imprint them on my lenses. Pathways with pillars on either side curved with textured and painted boundaries having echoed voices from travelers evoke sheer infatuation. Let judgment be bygone in the depth of truth. Rajasthan, a unique land in many ways is also a home to Mahavir Ji, a Jain pilgrimage. In the name of the Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara (enlightened soul), the temple was built around the 18th century in the bank of the lost river. Amazement surrounds you as you walk past the passage on the backside of the temple with sharp, creative, and imaginative carving in each corner. Although in real world path leads to a few shops famous for “Rajasthani Handloom” and “Raksha Potlis”, it led me to the parallel world.
Change is the only mathematical constant. It was just a matter of a year when the front of the cameras was my fascination and forte. Now, even from behind the lenses, I procreate visuals that is no less than a vision. 

Nothing changes that change perception. If perception changes, changes life.

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