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Take a Walk in and Around Fatehpur Sikri

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“Every time I visit an enigmatic architecture, I find myself perplexed, left with a hungry heart, a satisfied soul, and the eternal question- ‘What next?’ ”

Anecdote: Only a person with pure soul can enter through one of the doors of Fatehpur Sikri. The story goes on that the door was opened for the entry of Pakistan Prime Minister Musharaf and his wife. He sprained hi ankle while climbing the stair. Later on his wife came to visit the tomb of Salim Chishti and seek forgiveness. 
Each door might tell different story. These were the rooms made for the orphan kids who took education in the reign of Akbar. 
Secret Door – “Surang”: The door led to the army to Delhi, has many stories hidden. Anarkali is supposedly said to have released from this very door, with the orders of Akbar.
Without letting the time affect their determination, these walls, these pillars, have seen more reality than ever inscribed by any historian or a traveler.

The tomb of Salim Chishti: Belief or Superstitions – Make three wishes and they will turn true. You work hard for it, or you got a gift?
The architecture of Fatehpur Sikri is an epitome of Mughal Period. Every monument/building I visited, told me a different story.

The throne, the crown, the power and the people –  all realmed under these flags of the Mughals, the flag of (the then) India – The power is the one that decides.

I hope you liked a trip to Fatehpur Sikri, through my picture story.

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