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That 17 Hours Train Journey – Storytelling

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Its all about the Journey.

Definitely, the destination, the stay, the sinking in the atmosphere, ambiance is going to be “The Thing” – it is definitely going to fill your social media feeds and all look colorful and uber cool. But hey! But to me it was, it is, and will always be the journey that excites me to another level.

Also, I will admit off lately I have been traveling a lot this year – something I did not much expected, rather I did not wanted to break the jinx even if I expected my life to be this way – so no complains at all . And with traveling I was usually taking flights. There is definitely time saver with flights but I did not realize that I was missing something in my journey, until I took a 17 hours long train journey recently in one of my trips.

I have been loving the storyteller in me, I used to observe people a lot but did not ever mentioned in front of anyone. I had no reason, no way to do that. I somehow did not knew the art to pull it out on my blog. Having said that I don’t know if I have learnt the art yet, I would surely give it a try today.

This was a few week prior to my trip to Madhya Pradesh, where I booked a train ticket for myself. And it was a chair car – yes. 17 long hours sitting on a chair. Well, I had trapped myself into something unfitting for sure. However, I did not do this side of the math and started my errand.

So, here we go!

Settled in a new city, trying to explore places, living, and thereafter doing some more travel as well. Asking everybody where to catch my train from, where will I get the taxi, will I be able to reach on time if I leave an hour early? Will there be any difficulty to reach the station or the platform per say. There are several questions making rounds in my head – huh, typical Aquarian!

Reached the station, paying extra bucks to the auto driver just so that I reach the place and there might be less struggle for me with the luggage – however, I carry the least of the luggage with me when it comes traveling especially.

“Ha! Finally reached the station.”, sighed me.

“Ok, so now what platform number my train is going to come at?” Questioned to self, while seeking for the train and platform board.

“Ok, no, not this one, my train…yes. This one, it comes on platform number 3”

I paced up and reached the platform. I was sitting at one of the make shift sitting place near the pillar. It was no later, when I saw my train arriving on the platform. I searched where my compartment was and got up on the train. The train was a chair car, I guess I mentioned it before. Well, sitting on my seat, it was after a few hours that I realized it was a freaking chair car I booked for a 17 hour journey!! What an amazing decision Aanya!

Well, that wasn’t enough I had eventually realized that I had no warm clothes to keep me protected from the AC of the train which was on its peak, Bravo.

I was traveling alone with two unknown people on the other side of my seat. I had no work except to jot down my points, my ideas, and observing people. I chose the later part. However creepy it might sound but observing people is one of my favorite time pass. While I was looking around people adjusting themselves, children crying, yelling, asking their dad to buy them somethign from the vendor, uncles discussing the railway conditions, and on how they can improve. To those uncles I would say, the Railways have improved you got this seat in an AC chair car for just rupees 700, an affordable price and trust me I have traveled a lot by train this year, and I have seen worst in the past.

My attention was groped to the boy sitting next to me – he was apparently watching some show with Japanese subtitles. And I was like, “Whhhaaattt???? Seriously dude?”

But I restricted myself and continues to notice him – yes I was staring, noticing him every now and then. Noticing how his bag had avengers key chain hanging, he has a lock on his bag, which he kept on his lap. My, my, how was he able to find comfort, this clumsiness was causing discomfort on my part. Nevertheless, I was now worried for myself, since there was something that was torturing me. I had no option but to seek some help from T.C, if I could get a seat in sleeper class – yes, the discomfort was top notch.

Failure to find him, I looked up for some other seat options. The chill vibes were too chilling to handle.

The only good part about the journey was my seat – it was the window seat. So, I get to look around the beautiful landscapes and the “not so beautiful” filth too. Okay, that was too much on the face?!

While traveling, in the initial hours of discomfort I was cursing/cribbing to myself about the decisions and things. I later realized that I am at a very good space. Before I banter about the philosophies and the #gyaan I should continue about the characters observations.

Secondly. there was an uncle probably in his mid 40’s, all over the time I did not see him having anything – none of my concerns, however, I could not help but notice. It did not bother me, since I a similar creep who eats less while she travels, I have a weak immune system, not that I am proud of, just stating the facts. He was speaking to his companion about the foods nowadays being sold – the adulteration going on and on and on….

I had created a very subtle image of his. A father who is particular what he eats and strict and stuff. It was later that I realized it was too soon to judge him – maybe? He stepped down on a station and I noticed him meeting a “Meals on Wheels” delivery guy and taking a Dominos Pizza box from his hands. He did eat it. I felt colder by now.

There was a thin stoll in my bag, which I remembered. I knew it would not bring any warmth but at least let the cold breeze a little less colder, if that makes sense?

I some how tried to sleep, that is the best way to pass your time while you want to avoid the unavoidable. Well, apart from the characters, there were many and describing each one would seem to be boring while giving it a quick read. Rather I save them from my next blogs and stories coming up in future.

It’s all about the Journey, it always will.

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  1. Your post reminded me of my long train journeys. The longest I ever did was 4 days, through Russia. It was such a unique experience, living in this small train community for so long, making friends.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your story telling! It just reminded me of my train travel in France, haha it was really difficult at first since the train's platform are different from Belgium. I was so confused almost lost my train. By the way, what an experience you had there!

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