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The Holiday Destination I Crave For in 2018

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Going through the Internet, searching for “Must visit cities“, and checking out bloggers posting about their bucket list – must be a fun task for readers. For me, the actual fun lies in my breath stolen away from the magical realms of the beautiful destinations. There are several travelers who find their love in the beauty of not just visiting the destination, however, fetching audiences in a way by producing hashtags like #traveler #wanderlust on different social media platforms. 

Traveling has made me read more about destinations a.k.a must visits or the underrated visits. Going through my list one would easily know that my traveling lust would never be satisfied. Leave aside the new year resolution, we all have craving for traveling and a destination in mind. The tumultuous thinking leads me to the Lakshadweep in my dreams last December. Thence, I drew a beeline for me to spend at least a week exploring India’s southernmost territory. 

Come on, with the name like this, you cannot just wonder but feel the essence of the traveling to the parallel world and find that “something” to satisfy your craving. This was one of the most instant destinations that came to me and since then I have this craving for the place. Every time I think about Lakshadweep I feel of being watched from the nooks below the trunks. 

The craving to visit Lakshadweep has made me search every peewee about Lakshadweep, which includes – How to reach Lakshadweep, places to visit, things to do, Where to stay, and few tips. 

Here we go to Lakshadweep….!!!

Permission to Lakshadweep: 
You need a special permission to enter the Lakshadweep, which can be obtained from Kochi. 
Lakshadweep falls under the LM&A (Restriction of entry & residence) Rule 1967 of the Indian government. Therefore, you need to submit a permit form as well as related documents at Lakshadweep Office, Willington Island, Kochi.

I would recommend you obtain a police clearance certificate from Police Commissioner office of your city. Carry the address of the nearest police station as well as its phone number along with 3 passport size photograph and photo ID, such as Aadhar or Voter’s ID.

You are supposed to submit permit at one of the admin offices in Lakshadweep as soon as you reach and surrender the same upon returning from the island.

How To Reach: 
Unlike any other destinations,  Lakshadweep can be reached both via ship and by air. 

Ship: Go by ship if you have enough time, which takes 14 to 20 hours from Cochin.
Air: Although, you can’t afford to be in a hurry while on holiday, you can land in using helicopter service from Cochin to Lakshadweep in 1:20 hours. 

The accommodation:

If you are not having a bungalow in Lakshadweep, you would require accommodation. There are several options to book a hotel in Lakshadweep. According to your requirement – Resorts, homestay, village, Villas, are available in Lakshadweep. 

Online booking is the easiest option due to guaranteed booking and discount. Go to your favorite site, search for Lakshadweep hotels, set the budget and there you go. 

Do not forget to claim discount before making payment.

Places to Visit:  
Lakshadweep Is archipelago of 36 islands; habited and inhabited. So, don’t expect me to visit all. I have my list of priority of visiting 5 of them to satisfy my craving Here they are…:

⇒Kalpeni Islands:
Surrounded by an immense lagoon and spectacular beauty of the Island makes Kalpeni a must visit. I would see the sun rays flashing on the water and adding that extra spark to the aesthetics.

⇒Bangaram Island:
One of the most isolated islands of Lakshadweep. Surrounded by the turquoise waters and palm trees. The water of the Indian Ocean, adventure sports, and pleasant weather has to be visited once in a lifetime.

⇒Minicoy Island:
Known as Maliku in the local language – Minicoy is one of the best-kept secrets of India. However, it is most preferred to be visited during the duration of May to September.

⇒Agatti Island:
I crave for sunrise and sunset. Therefore, my list includes Agatti Island – the best sunset viewpoint. it’s famous for its coral reefs and underwater life, which I can’t miss. Yup, deep sea diving.

⇒Kadmat Island: 
Known as the Cardamom Island, it emerges as a coral paradise on the earth. After reading about the Kadmat Island, I can surely say that it will be no less than a topical fantasy! 
Each island would want me to stay at least for the daytime. So expect me to disappear for at least a week. 

Things to do when at Lakshadweep:  


  • Scuba Diving In Kalpeni Island
  • Beach hopping at Bangaram 
  • Visit the Marine Museum 
  • Do shopping at Amindivi Island

2018 has started with a great enthusiasm and a lot many trips falling naturally in my kitty – Uttrakhand in January, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh in February and Amritsar in March.

Amid this schedule, I have been vigorously planning a completely isolated week for Lakshadweep somewhere around June or July. Although it does not require much of a preparation from me the excitement makes me do lots of stuff. 

If you have been to Lakshadweep share me your experience and I would include you on my Blog. 

See you in Lakshadweep!

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