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It’s been days I have met you,
It’s seems years I haven’t sensed you,
The sight is blurred, it’s hazy,
Missing you, they say, you are going crazy.
Why do you like to go to the mountains? You trying to be a saint? Lead a saintly life? What is it that makes you happy traveling to the mountains?

These are certain questions which could be asked only by the people who have never been to the mountains, or they have a completely different way to see life (Of course, why curse them?)

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the two prominent places, that I have been to and have thoroughly enjoyed myself amidst the mountains, hilltops, clouds and the complete landscape just leaves you speechless. It’s the peaceful environment and the beauty of the nature that attracts you and in a way holds you back.

Today, this blog is completely dedicated to my love for mountains. My love for the surreal nature that has played a major role in my life – stay, patience, and calming the inner peace – is all emerges out in a completely different way, a way so magical. And being a writer, there is always a search within that goes on and on.

While, I thought of explaining a lot in this blog, but as I say, sometimes it is best to be calm, sit aside and let things happen. Words often destroys the meaning of the real essence.

Below are a few pictures taken on the beautiful escapades over the years!

There is a peace which are instantly vibrated through these beautiful flags, accompanied by either wind, snow, or rain. You instantly feel the positivity around yourself. The moment I see mountains, these is a zenith that runs throughout my soul, liberating a happiness streak within.

Nepal, Manali, Spiti Valley, Manali, Uttarakhand – the places I could remember having left a mark in my traveling memory. Oh, I so want to go back here again! I will, there is something substantial being planned for the same. 

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  1. Coming from the completely flat midwestern USA, seeing mountains for the first time was life changing. Last year as my plane descended into Alaska for the first time, I actually burst into tears at the sight of so many mountains! It is quite the spiritual experience.

  2. I love your positivity on the things that you love. I too love to trek. It gives me a different level of freedom.

  3. Sometimes I find it amusing whenever people ask me why I enjoy climbing mountains. I love it because I love nature – the beauty of it! Also because it teaches me so much more about life. Like life, we have to face challenges, there'll be moments when you don't think you can make it to the top.

  4. I think going to the mountains is wonderful, there is no better way to relax than in nature. I do love hiking, and I always find wonderful moments whilst following the paths on the mountains.

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