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The Naukuchiatal Confluence: Mountains, Lakes, & Me

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I know you guys missed me last week on Girl at the window seat, but here I am back with a bang. I mean, it’s quite understandable that if I’m traveling and accumulating my thoughts, I won’t be able to share the blog – for which you people might be thinking of offering me some Management lessons. Indeed I am a travel blogger and people often consider my work to be “Hunky Dory”. Therefore, just to offer you the sip of this relishing and tasty soup, I invite you to accompany on my next trip!
There is no point to world travel with your own money, neither you can. Therefore, being a travel blogger, credibility and authenticity come first to ensure businesses bring you on their list of invitees and collaborate with you to showcase their creativity and creation. So, being with me on this trip, you are sponsored. Sounds cool? To know the details about how you can collaborate with me scroll down below!

Let me ask my cab driver to accelerate from here on. You can imagine that I did, but of no use as my train was late by 3 hours. Can you imagine spending half of your night on the railway platform on a wintery night? Dare you even imagine. I boarded 10:45 train at 3:15 in the morning. (The cock was already crowing!) Around 12:30, I reached Kathgodam to continue my journey further towards Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal. Alas….late I was there too as I had to wait for the booked can for two hours. Around 5:15, I reached my destination.

Naukuchiatal – as I said in my last SLOW is celestial. Those who know me know my fascination and adoration for mountains, lakes, and natural beauty. Naukuchiatal was the perfect travel destination in the lap of the Himalayas to satisfy my craving and Nainital Cottages; by inviting me to the Lake Pleasant Resort fulfilled my wish.

Justifying its name – the holiday resort was as pleasant as its name. The usual tendency is always of being skeptical about the quality of the stay. Even if it is a hotel, I always ensure to have the best of the rooms as I care a lot about the comfort of the bed, hygiene, cleanliness of the bathroom and room service. This self-catering cottage was no different in my thoughts. But in reality, the difference was attractive. As soon as we stepped in, we were offered with an exclusive local drink made of Malta – which is a look-alike of orange but a bit sour in the test. The drink was impeccable and soothing.

The Restaurant Of Lake Pleasant Resort

Bedroom At Lake Pleasant Resort

The Local Drink
I was led and guided to my room – how I would define the room to be is Cozy and Comfortable. With the basic amenities of a cupboard, a king-sized bed, satellite TV, eye-soothing lightings, premium toiletries, and multiple charging points (A bliss for the traveler who travels with various gadgets)!

My room on the first floor had a balcony that offered me mesmeric and jaw-dropping views of the mountain and wide, open sky. It took me no time in fixing my luggage, getting my warmers out and putting on (imagine 4° temperature at 6 pm). I spend some time on the bed in front of the TV, which was just after 19 hours long journey. In the meantime, I was served Maggi and Tea. The snacks were followed by the dinner. I settled for a sleep as the morning was to beckon much early than my usual alarm clock.
In the morning at 6; we started out trekking. Walking in the mountains taking lush greenery in my eye – as much as I could – while the natural music of birds chirping was on, I reached Naukuchiatal Lake. I could easily estimate the time since I indulge in mountain trekking last time. And I told myself, “Bravo, Girl, you did it perfectly”. A nine-corner lake turned me speechless with its wholesome beauty encompassing everything you can dream of while being in heaven. For those few minutes, everything was there, the mountains, the water, the wind, the chirping, the floral beauty, and the greenery – what not there was me. 
Boating, bird watching, and sunrise viewpoint are the most famous and prominent things to do in Naukuchiatal. For trekking almost 3 hours, we went to our rooms got to freshen up a little and then was called for breakfast. We were then taken up to the Monastery. However, this sightseeing could not be a successful one from the eyes of the tourists, but for a traveler, nothing is termed as “unsuccessful or unworthy”, so I took the opportunity to relax in the lap of nature.

We went back to the homestay and jumped on the dining table filled with fishes of our likings for the lunch. We wasted no time in gobbling up all of them as were so hungry. The best among all was “Pahadi Daal” – astonishing aroma, stunning garnishing, and totally delectable. I actually inquired about the ingredients and the process with the chef. The afternoon was spent on checking more on the property and what lies ahead. The garden was explored for various floral species. It has a separate kids’ area as well. I was informed that new development will be undertaken very soon.

As the evening started approaching, I started feeling blood rush – yes, again – for the sunset views and capturing each moment in my 700D. The balcony of my room was enough for me to see this transformation on the horizon. I spent decent time watching saffron turning into black. The fellow bloggers indulged into Time Lapse before the bonfire was set before us and lit. Chilly wind, light music, and heat of the bonfire under the sky full of twinkling stars amidst gorgeous mountains – wonder what one could ask more for.

Each one around the bonfire had stories to tell. Each one of us wanted to be heard. And each one of us was ready to listen to others. The evening was spent talking personal experiences, the travel blogging scenario in India, the Indian politics (obvious) and the future plans. The two days in Naukuchiatal have been embossed on my memory forever. The hospitality, nature, the strangers and the travel – before I think of leaving this place, I already had plans to revisit the place sooner than later. I wish I could have stayed up, but had hit the bed as I was to travel back to Lucknow the next morning from Kathgodam. 

I was not at all in a mood to leave this stupendous holiday destination called Naukuchiatal – a pure and unspoiled beauty of Uttarakhand. But, traveler, I am, traveling is what I suppose to do; hence boarded the trail to Lucknow with heavy brains (of course, stored lots of memories) and light heart (completely satisfied).

As my cab was stuck in traffic jam in Charbagh, I immediately realized where I have reached and what I have gained in traveling to Naukuchiatal. Share me your thoughts in the comment if you too have ever visited your heaven or planning already. If not, then keep reading, I’ll take you to the places without wings. 

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Disclaimer: Naukuchiatal was a sponsored trip by the Nainital Cottages. However, all the views and opinions are my personal. 

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