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This Hill Station could Possibly be my Retirement Home!

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Retirement plans! Woah….sounds so mature and serious matter, right?

A 26year old girl, who has somewhere started her career in the media industry, writes her blogs, shares her experiences in the form of storytelling – thinks of retirement? Or rather has retirement plans? huh, strange!

Of course, it isn’t about retiring now or that I am taking life too seriously. My OG blog readers know that I travel with the utmost interest to explore places, create memories, share those in the form of stories. And what could possibly be my ultimate goal? Well, travel the globe and ultimately share stories. What better than writing with a view?

A beautiful view of Mussoorie from the Gun Hill point
A  glimpse of the Snow covered mountains from some point at Mussoorie

A picturesque view of the Sunset in Mussoorie

I am aware that many people might mock it saying, “You cannot work or write when you have a pretty view!” That is why I say this place is going to my retirement home and not just a travel destination. I would be at peace in I don’t know what, maybe the last phase of my life (hypothetically, I don’t generally know until when do I live!). But definitely, if I live that long, I would love to share my travel stories from here. Probably be one of the most peaceful phases as well.

I have traveled to a decent number of places, yet many to be explored. With the few ones explored, Mussoorie – has a sweet corner in my heart. I wasn’t much inclined towards Mussoorie when I first visited it. “Queen of Hills“, they say. So, it was clearly not love at first sight. There is definitely permutations and combinations involved in the calculations, but a lot of love for the sight! While Mussoorie was one of the latest locations I visited on my last travel. I saw a completely different aspect of the hill station. 

And the most favorite of all – I call it the Wallpaper Mountains!
The Famous Mussoorie Library, Mussoorie
The Road I would Like to Walk more often, Mussoorie

Food and Entertainment Area, Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie

Towards the Ropeway to Gun Hill, Mall Road, Mussoorie
Mussoorie is not about Kempty falls, not about the Mall Road, not about the Gun Hill points, a vehement NO. Ye,s about the Mussoorie library! Mussoorie is all about that essence, the morning smell of sweet bread – you get attracted to in some time – not instantly. It is like the most emotional, deep-hearted feeling difficult to explain in words, but the most beautiful feeling one could indulge in. This is Mussoorie for me. I never always had this feeling or poetic nuance for Mussoorie, like I said. I began to comprehend it while I found myself lost in my thoughts while admiring the time valley with the picturesque view. And it dawned on me like an epiphany – this is it. Here lies my “Sukoon”. This is strangely what I was seeking all this while. That one place, I would love to have my sweet little home at. Everything just seemed to fall in line, made sense, if we may say so.

Too much “Gyaan?”, right? But come to think of it it does make sense. You might not feel this for a city but maybe for some other goal in your life.

Mussoorie, according to me, has everything aligned. It is in the hills, near to Shiva! One of the most important thing that clicked me. There is access to markets, beautiful waterfall, and PEACE. Well, Shiva and Peace are the same thing (Shiva to me is meditation, peace, and love). 

A lot might counter to say, “Why not Dharamshala? Why not Mcleodganj? Why not Manali?” I say, “Because Mussoorie.” That’s it. 

You have interests in business, I have interests in service, you might love Ketchup with Maggi, I love it with Origano – did I come at you or make faces? Let people have their own choices. The bare minimum human thing you can do. I know a lot will have a lot to say here. To conclude everything:
Stories, imaginations, fantasies, planning, dreams, goals, and what not!  I have heard a lot from my peers, my friends, or even in a random conversation with someone new. People have dreams to buy a flat, some dream of traveling the world *coughs*, and some people would love to spend their money on bags, shoes, watches, and clothes. Well, if you ask me, mine are in stages, I don’t believe in thinking too much about it, but eet is what eet izz….! 

A beautiful view from the Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie
A picturesque view of the Sunrise in Mussoorie
This definitely was a completely different take on my Travel Stories, but since I have been sharing a lot of things on my blog, why should this be left untouched. 
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