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Tired of the tiredness and fatigue? Here are some Hea Energy Booster gummies for you!

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With the country going through the second wave of Covid-19, we are back to square one, as we were in the year 2020. We are back at our home, working from home, doing the household chores with no house helps – all by ourselves. All these situations amidst these horrific and negative atmospheres make all of us lethargic. Doesn’t it? I wish there was some magical energy booster somehow!

However, I have been going through a situation where I am working on my laptop from my couch or bed and not moving for hours. Quite literally! I do get hit by self-realization of not being able to do any physical activity. One of the major reasons is the laziness that has hit me so bad. At one point in time, I increased my caffeine intake to let that haze disappear from my eyes. My constant mood swung between:

– Unwillingness to move for small tasks
– Sleeping at an odd time
– Body pain/sore body parts
– Feeling heavy

These four conditions all were related because I had no energy left in me. And there were numerous reasons for it. I used to get pissed off by seeing the horrific scenes at the hospitals, people amplifying and requesting Oxygen, beds, and what not! I thought a little distraction by watching some travel content would suffice me or change my mood somehow. And it all the more pissed me off – seeing the country’s tourism sector being shut, no mode of “traveling” is allowed. 

It was then I was recommended by people around to add Vitamins to my routine. I would sometimes pop up Vitamin C tablets but it wasn’t regular. So, I did some research on my behalf. Also, it was then Hea Boosters that happened to send me their Energy Boosters me. Legit, no kidding at all! However, I would let you know one thing – once I received them I was still skeptical about popping anything just like that. I wanted to be sure about what I am eating.

Of course, there is a story! I am Aanya, there is always a true story! So, my dad happens to see the bottles on my rack and asked, “What are they?” to which, my brother responded – “There are energy boosters she received recently and opened the pack.”

My mom said, “Don’t just eat anything!” Then my brother explained to her how they are multi-vitamins in the form of gummies. “Hmm…”, though I. I went to the internet and I did my part of the research. The facts state that one is not always able to consume a balanced diet. A balanced diet is where there is a perfect balance of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and even fat. Well, I looked on for the ingredients that Hea Energy Boosters came with. There are Vitamin B, B12, Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, Folic.

Well, I was convinced to pop this energy potion. We all know about the hero ingredient Vitamin D and how it helps fight fatigue, which was my major concern. Then the Vitamin B12 is the one that helps in keeping our blood cells healthy. So, it was then I started consuming one gummy in a day. You can have 1-2 gummies a day, either in the day or night – your choice. You need no water to consume this. The consumption will help you fight tiredness, lethargy, and fatigue! 

Coming to the taste – these are like usual gummies that we used to have in our childhood. In the beginning, when you pop it, you will feel a slightly medicinal taste – like you are eating a medicine, which it is. However, as soon as you chew it thoroughly, the taste is sweet, it has that jelly/gummy/toffee taste which is too good for a multi-vitamin energy booster.

Hea Boosters have a variety of ranges namely, energy boosters – they also work great as providing energy for mom and immunity boosters, and more.

To be honest, nothing works as a MAGIC. You need to be consistent. I have been eating the gummies for a good amount of time now. And have felt a difference in me. You definitely need to consume these once a day, along with it do a little bit of your exercise, to be honest, you won’t feel lethargic – and if you give yourself that thought you can work out. I have seen that change in me. These energy-boosting gummies are my go-to for sure. I have a build-up taste for them, I no more feel weird when I eat these in the beginning. All I know is to chew them properly. 

Do not go for a huge or a complete pack, try out one month pack with 30 pieces and you will see the difference yourself. I would definitely recommend this. You can buy the product by clicking here – Hea Energy Booster

Check out their Instagram page: @hea.boosters and their Facebook page: @hea.boosters

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