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Travel Edit : Summer Travel Essentials

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“I um… where?” I inquired

“As confused as ever” – Mirror smirked

“Do you know how difficult it is for a travel blogger to find inspiration in clothes when nature itself motivates us?” I argued

Mirror responded quickly, “Yeah, big words”.

It seemed to me that I was losing the battle against myself, but no. My eyes were already chuckled and glued to something overwhelmingly beautiful.

While I was checking out this stuff with twinkling eyes, came the voice from the behind, “Aren’t you gonna pack light?” Mirror literally screamed.

“Traveling is easier than picking up the clothes for traveling”. I console myself.

“Traveling is so easy to maneuver, so quintessential and happening!” I mimicked the words people say about a traveler, traveling, and traveler’s lifestyle. the ever-so happening Life Of A Travel Blogger.

The voice outside my head woke me up with the self-thoughts and commanded me to be super quick. “What a mess I have been!”

I quickly moved, cleared the desk and bed and picked only the best ones for summer traveling. Would you want to know what to wear and what not to if you are gonna travel summer 2018?

Great…let me tell you *Cough*

Even before deciding what to pack while on the wheels, you need to have answers to a few questions. Like, what kind of destination(s) is yours or what are the traveling means you have or maybe how is the weather going to play it’s role there.You also need to be mindful of your threads if you are traveling abroad or within.

Don’t even get me started on pragmatic travel approach. But fashion is as much significant as traveling itself. Therefore, selecting the right silhouettes with right compositions can turn you on while on the go. The art of fashionable traveling lies in how creative you are about customization. Well, if you know the trick or two like me, you can be on a cloud 9 on any given day.

Yeah, I mean, even for an experiment, if you could, like I showcased, wear the same piece in 3 different styles, you are a queen, babes. Check out my tee-shirt dress.

Breezy, comfortable, light, yet stylish. Palazzo! The trendiest and most comfortable outfit to dress in. Also, there are several ways you can pair up a single palazzo – wear it with a kurta or a top and each time you wear the outfit it has a complete different look.

There is no journey that I could ever think of traveling without denims! Denims are one such staple that fits in your travel bag and you can play around with them pairing in innumerable ways! Ask me how? Well, pair it with a t-shirt, a kurti, a shirt, or a flowy top. While traveling to some cold places, you can throw a sweatshirt above or a comfy sweater and you are good to go!

When I visited Nepal, I was very curious and snooky about what I should fit in my travel bag. Reason being I wanted the travel to be very raw and yet a very easy-going experience. However, I have never had a hard travel experience ever! (touch wood!) So, I carried my dungarees, and guess what? That was one of my best decisions. Easy to carry and customize – pair it up with a top that suits the weather and surrounding.

Just like to live it is necessary to breath, similarly when traveling it is necessary to pack one layering outfit. Be it a denim jacket, a printed long shrug, and a plaid shirt would also do wonders! Layering does wonders to an outfit!

Traveling in itself is intoxicating. It expands perspectives and breaks perceptions like one could never imagine. However, like every dish smells and tastes different after garnishing, travel experience should add a dash of style and trends to build a cult following. My experiments are simple but elegant. Each attire of mine is a well thought out customization that has its own taste and trend.

Follow the path that was never visited before and you will end up carving your own route to rising star.

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