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Travel Edit: Winter Travel Essentials

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“I love traveling!”

Did I tell you something new? The ONLY “new” is that it really does not matter to me what weather it is while I am traveling. The part where the weather plays a great role is “what do I pack?”

Striking a balance between travel and fashion holds extreme importance. Why? I believe many of the “self-acclaimed travelers” would love to adorn stylish ensembles to pose for their pictures. Well, I don’t find anything gross in it, but smart packing is a much appreciated, I believe. Also, you cannot carry too many fancy clothes when you are traveling. According to me, travel wardrobe should be warm, cozy, comfortable, and light at the same time. By the end of the day, it is you who is going to lift that bag up on your shoulders, girl!

So below I showcase you the 5 Travel Edit for Winters.

Essential #1: Sweatshirts

Do I even need to tell you? However, for the style factor, carry a thick warm sweatshirt it is super stylish and is very comfortable while you travel. Sweatshirts have lately become my go-to travel essential. Especially for girls who want to get the “less is more” look, I believe sweatshirt is the perfect travel essential.

Essential #2: Woolen Leggings

Woolen leggings – It is light, cozy, warm, easy, and sticks to your legs. Pair it up with your long jackets, or woolen cardigans. The best part about woolen leggings is that you walk more freely. I am no fashion expert, so I am not the right person to ask of what would look good, but yes I pair my leggings with boots a long woolen shrugs or cardigans to get me a perfect travel look!

Essential #3: Cardigans
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You can always flaunt your style yet be warm and comfortable with cardigans. They are light and also do not take much space in your bag. Cardigans with long length are also uber cool and you can actually pair them with boots and you are good to go.

Essential #4: Turtleneck

Let me tell you, out of everything I will be mentioning here, my favorite is turtlenecks. I feel very cold during winters when everyone layers up with probably a sweater and a jacket, you will find me turned into an onion. Yes, onion! Turtlenecks are my saviors. They stick to my body, give me that warm hug, and also covers my neck, which is a win-win situation.

Essential #5: Jacket

A Jacket takes the name of Necessity while traveling in winters. The warmth of the jacket protects you and also is a cozy garment. My personal favorite is a warm jacket with a hoodie. A hoodie becomes a must – whenever I pick a jacket for myself.

Essential #6 (Bonus): Denim

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Did I say 5 Travel Essentials? Denim makes it to the topmost and most common item on the list of every girl. The comfort, the ease, and the warmth makes you travel, trek, or adventures – Denim makes you comfortable. And the best part, where it with different tops, t-shirts and you have different outfits.

So, this was my take on “Travel Wardrobe Must-Have – Winters”. Since every time I am traveling whether, with family or Solo, I have to lift my luggage on my own, I prefer to carry the minimal requirements so that while traveling I do not have swollen shoulders.

Also, do let me know in the comment section what are your travel staples!

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