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Travel Photography Hacks For A Solo Girl Traveler

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“Hey Dad, can we travel somewhere, it’s been days?” “No”, answered the father. The ‘could be solo girl traveler’ spent her vacations going to her friend’s place, visiting nagging relatives, and sleeping at home.

“Hey, any plans for the vacation?” “No yaar I am broke!”, “Neh bro, not this time, parents won’t agree!” and several other blah-blahs.

Kiddin’ me? Is it still for real that an Indian girl cannot travel solo? Does she need a company in her family or friends to travel and fulfill her wanderlust? Is it that hard to believe?

*Phewww, stop Aanya; too many answerless questions.* No; but… that unimaginable?

Well, the above conversations were the non-dramatic glimpse of the bygone days. The days when none or only a few girls enjoyed the privilege of traveling solo. However, today there is a Girl At The Window Seat in every 5th girl.

I guess (Skeptically) all of you will understand that girls in India do travel solo, without the baggage of tagging anyone along, not even to click #Travelgram pictures. Have I been vehement? Well, an emphatic yes.

“How did she do that? From whom she got herself shoot so gorgeously?”, and many other questions start hitting your brain cells as soon as you visit an Insta timeline of any Instagrammer or a blog site of a travel blogger.

The excuse that we give to ourselves is “she must have been with some friend or a professional photographer”. However, the reality isn’t that farfetched. Such whispers I am very much familiar with. I can very well relate to these mute murmurs, the jealousy burning and all adjectives that fit in this situation.

Let me share with you an Open Secret. You may have your own conclusions and fluctuations in the brain, but what I discovered is the secret mantra behind crazily gorgeous travel photography by solo girl travelers.

And if you too are wondering about the “Who” is actually behind the lens and clicking those amazing photographs, grab a cuppa coffee and something for munching before scrolling down my blog further to open the secret treasure of how to click pictures while traveling solo!

Classic Self Timed photos
One of the most appropriate travel photography hacks used by most of the travelers while getting their pictures clicked. This is one such hack results in others interpreting “Definitely clicked by some!” Well, the reality is that this is one of the simplest ways to click the perfect solo traveler picture. Now, this was the outcome of the pictures you clicked, but girls before that you need to know how actually you can do this. I got some amazing photography tricks and hacks, which I too have been using while my travel escapades. Remember when you are placing your camera, you have a fixed platform, be it tripod a sturdy one definitely! Or a flat surface at a perfect balance, however, in such situations you cannot be choosy.

Once upon a time
The Selfie Stick Pictures- Selfie Stick? A photography hack? Lame is the word running in your mind, but this is one of the easiest ways to the click pictures while traveling solo. All you need to do is to set an angle – a perfect one, and yes, please don’t hit anyone with that damn-yet helpful stick!

The Shameless Selfies
Ha! Hack? Really? Yes! One needs to be really calm, composed, alert and confident at the same time while clicking selfies. You need to focus on the background where you are setting up your selfie, sure about the angle and the part of the background you want to include in your picture-perfect selfie!

The back-angle pictures
Look I finally have got you the perfect way to use your selfie stick more artistically! Instead of just clicking your pictures with the localities and the backgrounds you can just do a small trick. Swing the selfie stick over your shoulder and voila! You have a #Solo Traveler picture.

Burst Photos
We girls love to choose the perfect shot from a bunch of pictures to don’t we? (However, some of us are never satisfied with any of these clicks) Setting your camera on burst photos lets you pose differently in a single frame for a couple of seconds and you have a number of pictures to choose from. Jump, make faces, different poses and what not!

The incognito Selfies
Bored of the routine selfies? The monument or background not fitting the frame? Here’s one of the artistic ways to click one. Try the incognito selfie. Place only a part of your face, say half of your face and the rest the background. This might not be sounding cool but when you click one of these, you’re going to love it

Freakin’ ask someone
Feeling ashamed of asking someone a favor? Actually, asking someone to click your snap works like a doctor’s order. Mostly your guide doubles up as a photographer as well. Guide them how you want the picture to be and where exactly thence you will be able to get the exact picture as you wanted it to be.
So, would you share your next selfie with me? You can mail me here or can share an URL in the comment. But, hey, make sure the selfie is really great. And yeah, don’t bother if it is not as a solo girl traveler. You too will fly some day, like me.

Will be back next Monday with an unusual bucket-list of the Girl At The Window Seat.

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  1. Umm.. I am sorry, I completely missed this comment – I solo travel and it si not a bad idea at all. And no, no one should Avoid it only you need to take your precautions

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