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Travel to Chandigarh to Witness The Unpolluted Beauty – Part 1

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An organized approach to civilized society was last witnessed in Mohenjo-Daro so far as the subcontinent is concerned until we heard the name of the city that is the capital of Punjab and Haryana both. Yes, Chandigarh. Probably only city in north India that makes you fall in love with it due to its people. 

The City of Beauty – Chandigarh

Indeed, the organized architecture of the city, the gardens, the lakes, the roads, the markets, the food, and its traffic police, everything is fabulous, but what makes the city stand apart is people – polite, helping, friendly, sophisticated, and cultured, something which is rare in north India. 

My experience with the city was a two-day affair. But it lasted almost fortnight. Because I wanted to experience all I have heard about the city – the most famous thing I have heard is experiencing peace in the traffic. And, boss, it was exactly how it is. For a few minutes, I stuck in sector 34A, and my god, no honking, no shouting, no people rubbing shoulders with each other. Everyone was waiting patiently to get the space to move on.

Chandigarh Vegan Food Carnival
This is the city where I would love to spend my entire life. But I couldn’t for more than two days. Chandigarh was always on the bucket list but never materialized until Rotaract Club Chandigarh Himalayan organized Chandigarh’s first ever vegan food carnival invited me as a vegan blogger to cover the event. 

It was heartening to see from city mayor to club president, everyone was experimenting with their hospitality skills by serving vegetarian food to a large number of audience to prove, veg food is not dull in taste and can make your mouth watery. 

Priya Krishnan was forthcoming in suggesting, “…was to organize an event where people could know about the concept of Veganism. The whole world would turn vegan if slaughterhouses had glass walls.”

Wandering The 7Vs
While listening to dignitaries in the background, I was traveling to Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, and few famous markets in the foreground. Let me admit, I was interested in city and it’s food, not in speeches. So, as soon as I got the chance, I sneaked out of the auditorium and right on the road with Uber Bhaisaab on the steering wheel…..whroooooooommmmm, crisscrossing verticals roads called paths on day one. 

I had a few hours in the city but I wanted to make the best out of it. I counted a few places on my fingers and promised myself to visit them anyhow. 

“Chandigarh Aaye or Rock garden na Gaye to Kya khaak Chandigarh Aaye..” (When in Chandigarh and missed visiting Rock Garden, your Chandigarh trip is incomplete). Creativity, Imaginations, and Innovation are the Hallmark pillars of the Rock Garden created by Nek Chand in 1957. (Environmentally speaking, it’s need of the hour). The use of urban and industrial waste makes this place a Bliss and Rhapsody. 

Bangles, broken marble pieces, mirror pieces, broken diyas are used in making beautiful artifacts in the garden. Each section, as one walks in the 40-acre area, witnesses different and unique theme and the message that leave the visitors mesmerized. However, beware of the rock walls, you might bang your head into one, just like I did!

After enjoying some snacks and sipping water, I asked my Uber Bhaiya to ride me to Rose Garden. I still remember his words, “You will feel refreshed visiting there.”

These words brought a mysterious smile on my face as if someone has just swung his wrist to cast a spell and it was surreal. Entering the Rose Garden was a blessed walk. The natural colors were spread like a bedsheet, so soothing and so tranquilizing. Different colors, different shapes, even the treatment is different, but the name is one, Rose. Varieties of roses were smiling with the flow of wind – casting a spell on the visitors. Thinking of the place now – about the exquisitely arranged and designed garden all that I could remember is the freshness.

However beautiful the Rose Garden was after heading towards my Uber Bhaiya, he told me to not miss Sukhna Lake. As it was about to be sunset, the view will be whimsical. So, I heard him yet again and our car headed towards Sukhna Lake.

Serendipity – just one word for Sukhna Lake. Otherwise unimaginable to have such a vast and beautiful water body amid well-managed concrete, Sukhna lake was gifted to the city in 1958 by Le Corbusier and Chief Engineer P L Verma -, truly a blessing to the city. 

When I was guided to the Sukhna Lake, the trees and shrubs the leads to the lake blew in the soft winds offering a calm atmosphere. I was very excited to try out my hands on boating (technically my legs!). For those unaware souls, Sukhna lake hosts sculling, surfing, and skiing competitions each year. 

In the scorching heat – sitting on the stairs by the lake was no less than a meditation – pure and pious. The smell was different, the essence of the city, the uniqueness could evidently be felt when you visit Sukhna Lake. 

Now I was hungry and tired of course. The brain was saying hotel room, the heart was saying market. Has brain ever won this battle? Uber started rolling towards sector 17 market because I did not want to miss musical fountain show. The only mistake I did was I entered from E road, which made me walk a lot to reach to the center. But as I reached, the tiredness was all gone. Thanks to the music and colorful fountains dancing before my eyes in an orchestrated rhythm.

I spend 20 minutes receiving some splash on my face before I started walking towards Blue Ice for live music (my first love, my guitar), a glass of fresh lime soda, and some light Italian cuisine.

It seemed even Uber got tired of me, came almost in 8 minutes, while I enjoyed the cool breeze outside the lounge. He drove me straight to me hotel, where AC, pillows, blanket, and light music were waiting for me to push into dreamland.

This was my Day 1 at the city beautiful, Chandigarh! The Day 2 was even more enthralling and entertaining. Join me to visit Chandigarh on day two with me – keep waiting at this space!

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