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Traveler’s Diary: Every Sunset Witnesses A Sunrise

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The days of December are amazing and they are finally here! Why am I excited about it? Well, there is something about the chilly breeze, the rare rays of the sun, and the freezing nose within has gotten me to the parallel world to witness some of the magical moments of life. Magical doesn’t mean only the good times, but the time of despair and distress that pushes me every time to cheer up!
I find myself very lucky to have been born to wonderful parents. The freedom I possess is a dream to many. A girl was born to over-enthusiastic parents who had their individual dreams for their first child. One treated him like a boy and the love showered upon was unexplainable whereas the other wanted her to be independent. What was common between the two was to let her posses her dream – her dream to fly high, her dream to do whatever she fits her. 

People close to me know how fluctuating my career decisions were. From being a doctor to an architect-engineer to a fashion designer and a dancer, I found my love in traveling. Traveling came to me from my father and so does the habit of penning down the experiences. 

Of course, it wasn’t all of a sudden – me waking up from sleep and announcing to the world, “I want to Travel!” 

I bet if I did the above lines any fine day I would be publishing this blog from an asylum.

Like any other person, I drooled over pictures of people traveling to different lands, meeting people of various accents, and knowing the cultural diversities prevailing on the other side of the border. Lush greenery, glaciers, pleasant beaches, the blue skyline, and the smell of the different land attracted me towards it like any strong magnet. 

They say, “Girls should travel, but after they get married.” I heard it a lot of time, I hear it even today. The only change I see is previously that the words cut through me like a knife but now I laugh like a drain! Surprisingly, these weren’t from just the usual people of the “Society” but cousins and people who they call “the Gen Y”. 

Have you read the note at a place reading, “Do Not Touch” or “Do Not Enter” and how badly they tempt you to do exactly the opposite. I am that weird child! I found an extra thrill in traveling just because it pinched them so hard. 

Luckily my parents considered travel blogging to be a pragmatic decision and took no second to wave the green flag. Yeah, they were skeptical of my “innocent and irresponsible” behavior towards everything. However, I was told by someone once, if you want them to trust you gotta prove yourself responsible. 

Of course, the thoughts of the society made me a rebel but my parents a little skeptical. Skeptical not for my choice but a fear that every parent might have sensing the present scenario. They cared for me and there was a situation where I considered breaking down easier than staying positive. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. 

Lord Krishna came to my dream and bestowed me with the sheer knowledge equivalent to the attainment of life. I told the world about it and they all agreed! Yeah! They agreed when I said that, after all it was Krishna who blessed me!

There was no looking back then. Created my blog, chose a not-so-easy pronunciation name “Girl Explorador” and thence begun my Journey Encaged

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