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Traveler’s Diary – How Do I Manage My Job and Traveling?

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Hi Guys,

It’s been a while that I have sat down to write something for my readers, which is a one on one conversation. Of course, here, we could only communicate through comments and mails, and social media DMs. However, ever since I have been regular with my blog posts *touchwood* – it has just been a month and a half with the same, I have been constantly hounding myself – creating new ideas, new ways to communicate or bring out my stories to you.

I have never been the quintessential travel blogger, who jots down the Where, How, and What to the travel – rather I had always tried to present my blogs in a storytelling format. Why – is the focus of my blogs. Reaching out to you the places which might be the most talked-about destination like the Taj or to the mountains Himachal Pradesh, or an ordinary place like a Heritage Walk, or catching a Sunset. I have always taken my blog as a medium to express my feelings, emotions, and providing my words a way to endorse them such a way that it reaches to a few of you, if not all.

Umm, I guess, this distracted soul yet again took a U-turn. However, this was to be mentioned someday. Better now than never. Well, this is the #TravelersDairy that I have every now and then published in order speak out the basic topic of debates that have been going on or has been a concern, rather a topic I have been craving to share my words/opinions on.

To start with I would just let you all know that I took a writing break, not that I needed one, but it was just to analyze my thoughts and accumulate as many things or content I had been missing, be it binge-watching the Netflix originals – Sacred Games Season 2 or completing my current read – Haruki Murakami’s – Norwegian Wood. I cannot state whether this decision proved to be a triumph or a disaster – as it will be too soon to let out the futility of the step taken.

So, when I actually thought of writing something, it was never to be a Storyteller, or never to become a writer of any kind. To be very honest, if it hadn’t been my first job as a Senior Content Writer, I would have never taken my first steps into writing. Yes, it was for the sake of earning, I knew this was a platform to explore, and oh, people are liking it? Appreciating my way of writing? There are acquaintances who would take it as a big deal and made me realize that not all are into writing, not everyone could write or play with words, and that I am blessed with the instinct to write and have to work on my skills to improve and be a better one.

It was then that I started writing, reading articles by fellow bloggers, listicles were my favorites – however, I have never tried to write one, as again I don’t think I am anywhere near to good at it. However, I did find myself distancing myself with books, which I have begun again.

While I read about it, I started to write and then traveling was always one niche that enticed me and was one thing I had always to write on. You all know that I have been traveling and there is something I love to read about it too. After I entered the corporate world, since I had never seen myself stepping into the shoes of an independent traveler. Since, there are a few things that has always pushed me away from taking this significant step.

However, I have and still am working towards joining a travel organization, which is a completely different thing.

Coming back to the point, while I was reading articles or writing, people often have this query of how do you manage your job, you travel, and your life? Honestly, my question was never about the management, but I always questioned people who came up with this one. Also, when I joined my organization, my ultimate aim was to make the best of the time I have.

I am not always traveling since I need to earn a lot more than I am to plan my trips and save for them. But I am not complaining, since the amount I have, I still get to plan my long weekends – Indore was first of them. Going nearby amazing places, in Mumbai – Kotachiwadi and making the best of the shoots I have to go on from my office – Govardhan Eco Village, Heritage Walks, etc.

There is not just traveling to new places that are a driving force, but photography is yet another aspect I love to ponder upon. Clicking pictures, getting clicked – both is something I can never get bored of.

Street Photography, Travel Photography, Portraits – which is something I am yet to learn. These are some additional quirks I have been loving to do.

So, yes, if you have been asking me these questions you have your answers. I have three categories by which I travel –

  1. Save More and Look for Long Weekends
  2. During the weekend off I get, I spend my time exploring the nearby places
  3. Making the best of the official shoots I am bestowed upon
So, it is rather easy for me, since I have the third category – but that does not make much of a difference. You might like spending your weekend off lying on the bed, watching TV Series, and that is what you love to do. However, I, on the other hand, love to explore new places – this is what drives me to work and even do the shittiest job if ever I am asked to. 
I will be exaggerating if I say that I travel or go out every weekend – I say a vehement No. I also take those peaceful naps on a Saturday afternoon, however, then on such weekends, I read a lot of content – especially books. 
So, how I can manage my job and travel is very well sorted and put together here

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  1. I'm a #WeekendWarrior since most of the weekends I'll be either out-of-town or participating in Marathons. But back when I used to do the 9-5, I'm kind of tricky when utilizing my Vacation Leaves. We usually have weekends off so I'd request my VLs on Fridays or Mondays.

    But when not, I'm just at home, binge-gaming. or Asleep.

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