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Traveler’s Diary: Put Your Phone Down, Please.

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Traveling or no Traveling Breakfast is one meal that I used to often skip. Why? I am just like most of you, sleeping late, waking up with an annoying alarm clock. By the time I wake up the time of breakfast is either gone, or I do not feel like eating anything! I guess this is the youngster syndrome I am suffering from. Do you too?

“With time being, I have realized one thing I have made the poorest decision of choosing sleep over breakfast, every time.” 

Indiscipline life, excessive social media usage, and a large period of time spent on the phone. Reading this statement, you might feel I am talking like your mother and would remind you of the memes trolling about mom’s relating every other thing to your “Phone”. I too have spent hours laughing on such memes and have a great time reading them even today. However, recently while I was on a solo trip an incident took place, which forced me to think about my irregular schedule. 

While I was on my Solo Trip to Kerala, which was a heavenly place to visit Solo. While I was on the trip I went to the Kolam Beach. I had decided to spend a few moments there in peace, relaxing, enjoying the sound of the waves of the sea, and switching myself off from the world, in short going to a parallel world. While I was enjoying the mesmerizing and glorious moments of my life in peace, I witnessed a scene which made me thorough to put down my phone!
The beach had some kids visiting Kerala on an excursion trip. A girl was sitting a few distances away from me. Her buddies were busy in clicking pictures and sharing burst of laughter, here she was sitting alone enjoying the serene view.

She had a pen and a notebook in her hand. Every time she wrote something in her notebook, she had a charming smile, a gleam of satisfaction persists on her face. The peace I was fetching in my life was right in front of me. She saw me, and since I was staring at her, I wavered and smiled back at her. And the conversation went on:
Hey! (Whispered, and waved her a Hi!)
Hey! (Whispered, and waved me back a Hi!)
She continued her writing while I continued watching my serene view along with looking at her. Since it was my time to take a leave, packed my things and stood up to take a leave. I took a few steps and looked back at the little girl, 
“Enjoy your trip!”
“Thank you, You too”
And that’s it! Being a chatterbox myself, this was the longest conversation I had ever had with anyone. 

It has been a long time since I am traveling and almost a year of blogging on Girl At The Window Seat– I always used to be on my phone, with a note of “available to the world 24×7 – need be or not!”  The trip had brought a new me I guess, or brought back the old me. 

“The girl who loved talking to new people, learn about new things, and put down her phone more often.”

Well, sit down and be in the real world, live life more in the real world, work for your passion and dreams – that will fetch you more happiness than click, click, and sent will ever! 

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