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Traveling and Living in the Moment!

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I have been blogging for 4 years now, but never have been this enthusiastic to create content and free to live the moment. However, I have always been that girl. What happened? Did my parents change? No! I have the best of parents anyone could ask for. Some toxic people enter your life and ruin it like no one’s business! Yes, we all deal with it. Not each one’s life’s as smooth as Vanilla. Truth be told none of our life’s as smooth as Vanilla. We all have our share of downfalls/struggles. So, things have been bitter but now that it’s back to being sweet ‘n’ salty – just like I want it to be, I do not complain here. 

Speaking about traveling and being able to travel back to back for two months, I was not feeling tired at all. And all of a sudden when I came back from the trips and had all the world’s time to think about my content – and just started editing vlogs, Instagram content, and blogs – I felt the emotions yet again – I love traveling. That is one thing I cannot go away with. I cannot live indoors for a long duration. Having said that, I am completely aware that Staying Home is the need of the hour. That is in a way doing my bit, staying inside, wearing a double mask when stepping out for running errands, or anything of high importance.

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“Traveling teaches you a lot”, I had heard this a lot. However, when I started traveling frequently and taking travel as a time to enjoy my life and live in the moment, this hit me. There are a lot of small instances that teach you huge life lessons. Patience was one of the most important lessons I learned. I had the patience as small as a male ego. I get irritated and tend to irritate the next person. However, traveling can be so surprising that you need to be a quick decision-maker, not lose calm, and be patient. 

Speaking of testing patience, the incident of Solang Valley, where we were stuck amidst heavy snowfall – was that in our hands? No. So, had to be a quick decision-maker in booking a resort, calming ourselves down, and whatnot. 

In Uttarakhand, we had time for our ropeway to Auli, so we decided to visit the Narsingh Temple, but it made us a little late on the clock for the ropeway – but nonetheless, we did catch it and also had the experience to visit this beautiful temple. 

So, panicking never helps. I ain’t saying I have excelled in it but I have been able to calm myself down.

The other one concerning patience is living in the moment. I have stopped irking about – how do we reach here? Is it too late? We’ll be late yaar! We won’t be able to visit it. Damn! I really wanted to make a visit – I don’t want to eat!

All these were certain bummers I gave myself if anything happened unplanned. Not even giving it a thought of the fact that it wasn’t in anyone’s hand. One of the major reasons I did so was that I realized there were many regrets I had when I thought about these incidents in a much calmer situation. This is when this hit me, I need to be calm and not lose my mind instantly.

You see, when traveling, how can I ruin the beautifully picturesque and think about anything else, right? I learned this a tad bit late but better late than never.

Also, the only thing you should plan for travel always has that extra or spare cash with you. The budget you set should always have a particular amount that you will not touch until an emergency. If there comes no emergency, the last day of your trip can be a lavish one! Spend it like no one’s business. I am telling you either of the things gives you the best feeling. 

If you have emergency cash, your trip budget won’t be hindered, you will be happy about it. Second, if you don’t get into one, you always have the extra cash to spend on the hotel, maybe that extra shopping, or visiting an extra place?

So, travel and live in the moment. I love my travel plans – undecided, unplanned. Let the place surprise you, let time surprise you, you will be surprised how you react to certain situations, once you decide to live in the moment. 

This was one of my favorite blogs, I have written off-lately. One I have been meaning to write not just to share with you all, but to journal this myself to remind me – wherever you are at this time – live in the moment. There are better topics life gives us to worry about – let us leave traveling aside.

Do you have any travel lessons to share? Share it in the comment section. And read more of my travel stories here

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