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Vasu Facial Oil: The Natural Face Oil for a Gold-Like Glow!

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The pandemic has actually got me into certain habits that I never thought I would ever!

I am from the dusky skin community! So, you get the point, right? Of how many and what not I might have heard about “this will make you a little fairer” remedies. From Fair and Lovelies to Mask made out of Haldi, I have been told to apply what not! But I am also from the “Lazy-Ass” community. If I never like to do a thing, I will never do it! 

So, no one in my family forced me, but of course it is mostly the outer circle of your family that comes up with this, at least I heard it from them.

It was during the pandemic, I realised it is important to take care of your skin, and not for the colour, but the health of the skin. Skin CARE is important! And it was then that I started looking out Skincare videos in YouTube. Learning about my skin type, using products that are more of the Ayurvedic side, rather paraben free skincare products.

I did not only start my skincare routine, but also added a lot of steps that could possible help in blood circulation, and making my skin all healthy and glow-y!

One of those products was the VASU Facial Beauty Oil. The product is 100% natural, no chemicals – none at all. I saw a lot of bloggers and influencers recommending certain facial oils – but I was never too sure about them. I am from the oily skin type so, a thorough research was needed. 

I got my hands on the Vasu Facial oil, I used it during the winter season, it is when my skin tends to tryout during due to the cold temperature. There is no artificial fragrance added, it is 100% natural face oil with Kumkumadi Tailum. This helps in reducing age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and gives you that gold-like shine to your face. 

I have used the it as a sole product, during the days I am home, not shooting anything, and feeling the laziest. The oil is very effective, I must say! I can see the acne spots getting a little lighter than before, gives you a youthful appearance. 

The pandemic has got me to do a lot of things – from skincare, back to reading books, doing something for myself – with my blog and YouTube channel, and what not!

To be honest, at times I feel skincare is a very small payback to my body for keeping me motivated during these times. And the facial oil has been a great addition to my skincare. Also, it is the one addition I am loving right now. The smoothness on your skin is felt instantly, of course it being oil, the best part is there is no product wastage, everything goes inside your skin and that is what is needed.

My experience with Vasu Facial Oil has been great, you too can use the product, ti is great for all skin types, however, patch test is something that I would recommend. Just for safety, although it is a natural oil, but you never know what might not suit your skin. 

This is one product I can vouch for and have loved using it. You can check out their Instagram handle: @vasuhealthcare and here is the Product Link

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