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Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Elephanta Caves

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Far away when something goes wrong,
All you need is to calm down.

It’s easy to give advice,
It’s harder to be among one.

Stand up and walk along,
There’s nothing else than your anger to bow down.

The Girl in The City – All bucked up with enthusiasm, filled with the energy stored in the universe. All I had thoughts of sharing my head was to make the best of coming to Mumbai. It is no hunky-dory to live in a city away from your parents and be independent. This “I am independent” is a shit that needs to be earned and it costs a lot. I have been there; I was always of the notion that after you start to earn you have no worries at all. Well, my dear friends, the path is different from what you pave it to be.

All this accumulated into a lot of mess in my little aquarian brain and it was desperately asking for an escape. Something new to explore, something new and interesting.

And speaking of traveling, Mumbai has a lot of places to fill in the traveler’s appetite – from touristy places to food houses. After I stepped into this city of dreams – I all of a sudden became this undercover, who would not want to go anywhere since I was searching for a company – YES, I was searching for a company. Well, I did muster my energy and went to explore the nearby places.

I, now and then had interesting discussions with my friends to go to Elephanta caves. And I had happily asked them to count me in. Well, as they say, “Best plans are made unplanned!”, so was my trip to Elephanta Caves.

I always thought of living a life, where I get a call from a friend asking me if I was ready to go on a trip to somewhere the next hour and I would readily agree. Well, although it was just Elephanta Caves, I did get this call exactly an hour ago when my friends were about to leave from their house to reach Elephanta! Oh My GOD OF TRAVEL! The way you have stepped out to start fulfilling my travel fantasies is what I feel blessed for.

Oh, yes! I forgot that I live in Mumbai now and that we reach quicker via locals than one’s vehicle. Therefore, as expected/non-expected by me, I reached a freaking quarter to one hour earlier than my friends. I had plenty of time to explore nearby things.

You know this is what I have been loving about Mumbai. There are a lot of knick-knacks to explore, there is a unique structure, architecture to every building – be it the complexes, the posh showrooms. I took around to the nearby places – it just makes me feel nice by the end of the day, somehow.

I bought the tickets for the ferry, which was about 200 INR each when finally my wait was over, they had arrived. We got along and waited for our turn to step into the ferry. It was a sunny morning, and therefore the seats on the top floor available were something we wanted to avoid despite the fact it was compulsory to sit on the top for the view. As they say, “Its all about the VIEW”

So, struggling to get into it and then making quick decisions to sit in front of the driver place – our seat was the most pleasant one.

I have a profound love for the mountains, however, there is something unusual I felt throughout our way towards the cave. The sea is beautiful – all the words I could collect in order to define my experience.

The ferry journey is no less than 1 and a half hours. However, you will never feel the time to be not passing since the view, the sound of the wave, the feeling of being on the ferry is that makes you stick to your seat and just admire the surrounding the journey alone.

On reaching our destination, we had two options – walk all the way near to the ticket counter area or take a toy train which will cost you 5 to 10 INR. Well, we took the first one of walking all the way through, since we were damn tired of just sitting. The journey is not too long it is about 10 mins max.

Thereafter buying ourselves tickets to the caves, we began our exploration waiting ahead for us.

The Elephanta Caves are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the archaeological studies, the history of these caves goes back to as old as the 2nd Century. There was initially the establishment of the Buddha Statue by the Buddhists, who were believed to be the first residents in the place. Thereafter, the Brahmans came over.

The Two Beautiful Souls – Without them this trip wouldn’t have made to my Blog! Thanks 🙂

Not just via studies, but when you visit the place, there are remains of the statues, sculptures, and pieces, which uncover that Hinduism was a strong part of the place. The main temple of Lord Shiva, which is situated in the most significant cave, that is CAVE 1 rather popularly known as the Great Cave. You will notice a Shivalinga n the cave on the west-side.

I have been mentioning this a lot of times in my blogs whenever I visit a place with historical significance that there is something that both holds and charms me towards such places. I have yet not been able to discover the reason, however, it is in the remains, the designs, the carvings, the story behind each place that keeps me enticed to it.

There are numerous destroyed and half-left statues and carvings in the caves. Each one of them has its own significance. You see the Nataraja – Lord of Dance, Trimurti – as Lord Shiva is believed to be the creator, the protector, and the destroyer.

The caves are not numerically aligned, or maybe it was me and the geography that went wrong. Nevertheless, there are seven caves. Cave number 2, 4, and 5 are either completely destroyed or are unfinished. Cave number 3 has a shrine and 6 pillars. Collectively cave 2 to 5 are known as the Canon hill. While Cave 6-7 are known as the Stupa Hill.
The remaining sculptures from the Elephanta caves can be seen in museums all around the world.

We had a great time all the while discovering about the Elephanta Caves, There are a lot of monkeys in and around the caves. Also, there are guides, however, I would not prefer to take one, since I had a really funny incident related to the same. All the while when we were exploring the caves, there was a guide that explained the tourists about the lion statues, where one of them was without its head. Although I have some vague memories about the story – he said – that neither of the lions spoke to each other (they were guarding the temple door) and thereafter, somehow resulted in the loss of one of them’s head.

The way, the confidence he had on his face while narrating this story was impeccable!

There are a lot of food and tea stalls. Also, there are stalls of the souvenirs if anyone would want to buy some.

The trip to Elephanta will take a complete day of yours. It is preferred to begin the trip early morning by 8 am or so and therefore, you will not have to walk in the scorching heat. My trip began at around 12/1 and ended by 8 pm.

Coming back from the ferry was yet another experience since we were on the ferry during the sunset! And what an amazing skyline. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip here and would surely visit again, if got a chance.

I will be back with more of my travel stories and blogs until then you can read my blogs here.

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  1. Wow! It is truly amazing the marvels the world holds, can you imagine what it was like having to carve those statues into the rock? Places like this are so amazing to me, thank you for sharing the info on this and all of these beautiful photos.

  2. Travelling is one of the most interesting things in life. And sharing the places with others where you traveled, so that others also go there is one of the cutest things. So thankx for sharing about this place with us..

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