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What’s In My Travel Bag?

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Hello Readers,

How are you? It’s been long I have been posting on travel destination that one can escape to, my travel to-do lists and my travel stories!

And let me tell you one thing, I haven’t been posting since long as I was traveling to Nepal! You can read the blog on Nepal Trip here. And before that let me just get you an insight, what’s in my travel bag!

Whenever we are travelling it is very necessary to keep our travel bag ready. Travelers especially need to be careful about it. Either it is an impromptu escape or a well planned travel vacation, many time we forget to get some or the other basic necessity.

Well, I have my own stories of forgetting my toothbrush (thankfully I was travelling with my family, so dad got me a new one!) , comb and hair ties many times. Imagine yourself in a new place and you are in search of such basic things. Huh! This not only spoils your mood but people traveling with you too! The abrupt need of things makes you ask from others, but one thing, using other’s toothbrush? Naah!

So, let me tell you what are the basic things and a few products that I as a girl traveler always have in my bag ready!

These are the two travel bags that I always carry in my travel expedition. The purple one has all my basic necessities and the catepelliar one is a cute bag from archies- which was gifted to me by my friend and has a few of my makeup essentials. Well, I carry a very few of them but yet those are, without which I cannot live by! 

Let us begin with the catepelliaer bag first! 

This bag has my my lip balm by Nivea, Take Me As I Am Lip Crayon by Colorbar, Nykaa eyemBlack Kajal and Revlon Eyeliner Pencil! I don’t do a lot of makeup generally, and while I am traveling it is even less. Therefore, lipstick, lip balm and kajal are the basic essentials I don’t leave behind.

These are the numbe rof items that are always ready inside my Travel Bag. These are the basic essentials every girl traveler should always have. The bag consistes of my skin care necessities, hairdo accessories and essentials, sanitary essentials and medical necessities that one should always carry with her, 

So, my essentials includes- my toothpaste ad toothbrush and a pack of paper soaps. Some other necessities like-safety pins, rubber bands, clutchers and comb. There are also some medical essentials that my parents always fill in my travel bag with, which features- Dettol, Iodex and bandaids. 

Moving on to my skincare essentials. These includes- Himalaya Baby Cream, L’oreal 20+ skin Perfect, VLCC cleansing milk skin defence, Lakme Sunscreen. Since I have a sensitive and oily skin therefore, it is very necessary for me to carry my Baby cream and my cleansing milk with me. 
In addition to these are my face washes: Clean and Clear face wash and Himalaya Neem Face Wash. I carry either of them. As I told you I am back from a trip therefore my Travel bag was all set and therefore, you get to see the actual look of WHat’s In My Travel Bag!

Last but never the least are these very mandatory commodities that I always have in my handbag. These includes wet wipes- I believe wet wipes are like very necessary you always should have a packet in your bag. Secondly my hand sanitizer, and Nivea Moisturizer. I need to moisturize my hands every two to three hours. And lastly my shades and lip balm.  

So, with this, that was all with “What’s In My Travel Bag?”

You can also check out my Youtube Video on the same! 

I hope you all liked it. And do let me know your suggestions and advises. 

Until Next Time, 
Lots of Love! 

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