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“Who The Hell Cares?” Says Naila Arif when asked if she is affected by the people thinking she is high on attitude

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Communication has always been a medium to know people more and get an insight of their lives. So, today I got to interview Naila Arif, 20 years old. Naila is pursuing her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from The University Of Lucknow. In the journey of discovering herself she found her love for writing. From writing journals from her first novel ‘Remembrance’ she has been doing it all. Full of life and caring less about what others think she loves to live her life to the fullest. Below is the intercepts of the short chit-chat we had:

Who inspired you during your childhood days?

Naila: My mum. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her. She was always been there to sort things out and support me, since I was the youngest one so was pampered a lot. Dad too, always made sure that I am provided with everything.

We all have our hero in our parents, anyone else apart from parents that inspired you?
Naila: Yes, my sisters and a lot of friends, they have been there to inspire me and boast up my morale. Family is always important but friends have too been there to buck me up.

How would you relate your childhood dream with your present being? Is that translating you anyway?
Naila: Whenever as a child, I saw women well-dressed in their formals and you know, giving that vibe of confident personality, it has always been a dream to be like them. That was a reason I also did my MBA coaching classes. However, I realized that I cannot settle down doing one thing, I changed my course and also dream and came into journalism.

Define one quality of any of your Parents (mom or dad) that you would never compromise on
Naila: Okay, hmm..My mum gets too much protective about me. Normally every parent is about their child, but then I think that this is one thing that has been in her, which sometimes I feel to get rid off at the same time feel so loved about.

Tell me, who was your best friend during school days and what quality of friendship defines your relationship with them.
N: Yes, my childhood friend Kumud Pandey. We both had changed our schools and were new admissions, so were the ‘outsiders’. And then we got to know each other from bunking the class to dating boys we shared everything to each other. We both had the same dream of pursuing MBA, though she still is fulfilling it and I on the contrary realized that MBA isn’t my cup of tea and it is going to make me fail badly.

Rate them: School friends, Facebook friends, college friends, colony friends.
Naila: School friends, College friends, Facebook friends.

Facebook friends, that means you haven’t added any unknown to your profile?
Naila: Facebook friends consist of my college and school friends. Yes, I have added unknown people too, as I am more interested into linguistics therefore, I add people from every corner of the world, which lets me interact with them and you know making my communication skills grow.

From now onwards, who do you think will have much larger influence on your career and why?
Naila: *Thinks for a while*after joining journalism, I feel if anyone has influenced me through words and talk it is Mukul Sir. He is someone who brings the truth in front of your eyes, that you people are donkeys, giving you a ‘Sach ka Saamana’ this is what I feel right now, else in the future, we’ll have wait for it.

How would you help yourself against the call of duty as a journalist clashing with humanity?

Naila: I would say, first I’ll save my house and then others!

Are you exactly the same your parents wanted you to be at this age, or if not what do you think you should improve upon?
Naila: Yes, at places they are satisfied, and many times they aren’t. I had issues of expressing myself when I was a child, before meeting Kumud, I used to be very shy and my parents had problems as why I did not express my thoughts? So, I went through many sessions, but then now when I have started to express myself, there are times I am over-expressive too. So, now this is something that is a problem now. Though mom is satisfied, and I know how the world goes around and things I am not, I feel they will improve with time.

One trait of your personality that will contribute you immensely to your happiness?
Naila: My writing skills. This is something that makes me happy. I feel good that I can express myself through writing. There are times when you cannot explain yourself verbally, you stammer and that childhood trait has yet not improved. I have thing going on in my mind but it does not get out of my head and get shuffled, so when I write about it I feel content. And I am proud that with my pen I can write down my emotions.

Here, people feel that you have an attitude problem, despite you approaching them and people thinking negative about you? Does that effect you any?
Naila: I don’t think about it. I am just myself. If you like me ‘Cheers’ and if not ‘Who the hell cares’. I just love myself.

You seem to be a very full of life kinda person. Describe yourself.
Naila: People think that this full of life attitude is very childish, but what I feel is I choose to be such and that’s according to me is a mature decision.
You must be having many childhood memories. What would you do with them while you grow, in this field?
Naila: If I compare with them, I always used to write journals, since my mom also loved to study and my nanaji, being a writer; I guess I got some perks there! So, he gave me journal and he gave me an angle to walk on. Instead of writing and scribbling on the walls, I wrote that on my journal.

To become a writer, was it always there at the back of your mind or did you opted your hobby as a career?
Naila: No, it came to me after pursuing my graduation. Yes, I used to write stories and narrate them to my mum s well, but could not get this that it was always in. But then when I discovered about it, I wrote my first Novel. When I did my graduation, I was like “what the hell am I doing?” and you know how difficult CAT is! And then I realized that I can do writing. Since childhood I was into reading, from free short story books of Harry Potter that we used to get in ‘Digest’ to novels now!

A quick rapid-fire!  Tell me about your favourite books and yes, did you regret buying any book?

Naila: My favorites: Sense and sensibility, E.L. James ( Yeah you can judge me!) and Pride and Prejudice. I bought ‘One night at the call center’ and later regretted!

Favorite Hollywood Actors you have an eye on!
Naila: Nicholas, his eyes! Johny Depp- his versatility and slutty looks of Ian Somerhalder!

Five things you won’t leave you home without?
Naila: Phone, Clothes, Liptick, Scooty and Perfume!

Quick description of your dream man.

Naila: He should be a Gentleman one who understands me (thinks for a second) he should be 50 shades in a good way!

Well, by now you all might have got to know that Naila is an avid writer. She loves to jot down her feelings and emotion, and reveal them through her pen. So, to read her writings and more you can check her blog Chandelier of Life.

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