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Zoom Into Summer With Zaful Collections of Red Shorts

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Have you ever thought of walking by the river in the wee hours giving complex to the rising sun of the hues? It was quite a match of rays with the rays and shades with the shades. For a traveler, sunrise and sunset are nothing less than a cosmic romance with nature. But, the same sun turns beast for the beauty during the summers, especially if you are traveling.

This scorching heat made me think twice before I started packing for my last trip to Chandigarh and I am sure, scenes in my living room will not be different when I will be packing for my next trip to Mumbai.

Usually, it’s messy affair to decide what to wear and how to wear in accordance with the weather and the location. However, things have become easy for me of late as I’m on the experiment spree customizing lot many pieces into a silhouette that usually is not. Don’t you believe me? Check out my last YouTube video.

You know what? Becoming ramp ready while being street smart became even easier when I was approached by Zaful to try their summer collection of shorts specially designed for those have a mind in the right place. If you would like to buy some exquisite summer shorts you can buy it from here.

I know curvy eyes of Lucknow and Varanasi, I know the shape of brain people carry, I know their thinking. But, I remember once my mom told me, “When your dad agrees with your clothing sense, don’t you care about the world”.

A usual morning got a kick start when I while sipping my hot lemon water checked my emails, one of them read – “Dear Aanya Jain, Opportunity to Collaborate with Zaful” I jumped and started the happy dance, was it the lemon water or the mail? Duh?

Just a disclaimer: If yours truly, starts to jump and dance 7 am in the morning there’s definitely a huge reason!

I came to know about Zaful during my last job. From Milan and Paris to Dubai to Mumbai, Zaful is worn by every trendsetter across the continents for their style, patterns, and outfits. I was overwhelmed to grab this opportunity and try my hands on Zaful collection, which would not just help for my Mumbai packing but satisfy my experimental soul!

The first thing that came to me was this gorgeous looking Smocked Belted High Waisted Shorts. The material of these shorts is really skin-soothing. Initially, I doubted the material since it was polyester and I am not a polyester fan. But Zaful surprised me here as the material is absolutely skin-friendly, loose fit – which is a win-win situation to beat the heat!

The second shorts that I received from them was this beautiful print crochet insert shorts two pieces in wine color. This is an amazing piece. However, the shorts might seem a bit baggy to a lot of people, one can get them altered. But the top is perfect for top-notch level.

This is just one surprise I thought I should share with you all. Nah, not for Zaful or not for Aanya Jain, but just to remind you that you are beautiful, and you don’t need anyone’s approval for that. Keep experimenting with your fashion sense, and keep looking beautiful, just like me. *wink* *wink*

(This post is in collaboration with Zaful, opinion is strictly personal though.)

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