10 Travel Movies To Watch During Lockdown!

Lockdown has made all of us a couch potato…. quiet literally!

Honestly, things have drastically changed. Now, complaining about the scenarios and the pertaining issues would bring us to no solution. This will even more lead to mental stress and might also make you irksome even about the petty issues. And I am sure this is the last thing you would want to happen to you. So, coming to the main point, what are we discussing today? Well, speaking about being a couch potato, I have been off-lately binge-watching content on several OTT Platforms. These include basic Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Disney+Hotstar.
Since, this is one time where we all just stay home and stay safe – watching content is one of the productive things we can do, right? Believe it or not, we all want to be productive but there is surely no pressure. A wise person once advised me, “Aanya, Read, Watch, Write!”

Well, I have not ever got much time to sit down and watch movies or series. So, this Lockdown has brought me a realization – and that is I am more of a movie person. I love watching films. I ca watch as many films back to back. Of course, certain conditions persist. So, without adding any additional lines, below are 5 films you must watch if you love traveling.

So, there are two categories Hollywood and Bollywood, each of them has 5 films each!

Here we go!

1.     Eat, Pray, Love:
This has hands down become my favorite films of all time. “You are a world traveler”, says Ketut to Liz. In her urge and passion to travel the world, she takes a break of a year. She distributes her year month-wise and visits – Rome, India, and then Bali. When you finish the film, just ask yourself one question “What is your word?”

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2.     Forrest Gump:
After watching Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump. I started addressing people in the copied accent, “Hi! My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump!”. Oh, I do love the film. Not just that Gump makes you travel the US along with his zest to live life.

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3.     Hangover Part II:
Well, everybody loves the Hangover trio. But Hangover part II will take you to an escapade to Bangkok. There are some quirks of all the wrongdoings that the pack devours themselves in at Stu’s Wedding.

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4.     P.S. I Love You:
To be honest, initially, I had never watched this movie as a “travel” inspiration, or anything related. But when recently, I thought of making a list of movies, and now that I recall the film – how wonderfully the film is set in the picturesque of Wicklow Mountains. 

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5.     The Darjeeling Limited:
The name of the film is based on an Indian city Darjeeling, well so is the film. The three brothers and their wish to experience a “spiritual awakening” makes you stick straight throughout their train journey in India. There are certain cliché remarks, which adds to the humor.

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The above films you might have watched but missed the travel nuances, even I did that. But now that you think of, they do offer such an amazing picture, it is because of the locations, the beautiful set frames.

Moving on to Bollywood films!

1.     Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:
After the release of this film, every second person was Bunny or wanted to be one. This film is alive in each one of our hearts for different reasons, but travel remains prominent. The Manali trip, the Kashmir scenic beauties and some glimpses of Europe – isn’t it enough to watch it?
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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:
The three musketeers and their road trip to Spain – the dream of most of us youngsters. Yes, the movie seems to OTT because not all of us could afford a trip to Spain and do adventures in the new land. Finding love, finding yourself, patching up with a lost friend becomes secondary when you hear the local languages and see the local markets. Watch it! Now. 

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Our very own solo travel queen! The way Kangana’s character after being ditched for her wedding still chooses to go on her honeymoon – alone! The character suddenly becomes a cool and brave girl who wants to live her life and opens to the world!
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I remember watching this film, when one of the major earthquakes had hit India. Despite the natural hiccups that was caused in the theatre, we watched this beautiful film. Apart from the father-daughter duo, Irfan Khan played his character so well. His character was a binding role in the film. The trio travel to Kolkata via road. You will be mesmerized how beautifully is the Kolkata streets shown in the film. A must watch!

Films of Irfan Khan to Watch as a tribute
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Dil Chahta Hai:
The OG of all travel films! Dil Chahta Hai! A Goa road trip with three best friends has been a dream of ours. The iconic Goa locations and the beautiful journey of the three friends are beautifully written and executed. A masterpiece indeed. 

Goa Plan cancelled
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Ten films combined with your travel passion and just surround yourself with positivity. There will be an urge to go out, travel, but isn’t it the long break that you have been provided suddenly to recharge your minds? Think of creative ideas of presenting your content to the world and there is no pressure. Just be positive there will so many new things to learn from now on when you travel next!

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