6 Romantic Places To Travel This Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Places To Travel This Valentine’s Day With Your Valentine

The much-anticipated Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day, and anticipation for it is out of this world. Even if most of you have probably already started making arrangements, there must be some people with unclear thoughts who are still unsure about where to enjoy this important day. If you belong to the second group, we have some excellent ideas for ways you can show your love while making your crush fall in love with you. I am here to share with you some of the most romantic places to travel to this Valentine’s day. Traveling with your partner on Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and create new memories together. So, before we jump to places to travel this Valentine’s day, let us know why should travel be your first pick.

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Romantic Getaway

  1. Spending quality time with each other: Traveling gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner without the distractions of everyday life. So, don’t get into your phone for those urgent work calls – one that could have been a mail. Use your phone only to click love-filled selfies and memories.
  1. Need for a romantic atmosphere: Sitting at home or going out for dinner can be turned into a special gesture, however, traveling to a whole new city is the best. Many destinations offer a romantic atmosphere, such as scenic views, cozy accommodations, and special events, making it a perfect setting for a romantic getaway.
  1. Create new memories: If you want to know a person in and out, traveling with him or her, is most important. Traveling creates new experiences and memories that you can cherish for a lifetime, making it a great way to celebrate your love for each other. You get to know each other at various levels. 
  1. A great bonding experience: Traveling with your partner can be a bonding experience as you navigate new places and experiences together. You come to know what he or she likes and what irritates them the most, or some habit of theirs that is itchy to you. 
  1. Relaxation and stress relief: A romantic getaway can provide an escape from the stress of daily life, allowing you and your partner to relax and recharge.
Romantic Places to Travel

6 Romantic Places To Travel With Your Valentine


Vintage tricycle carts on French style street at a union territory in south India.

One of those Indian locations that come to mind whenever someone plans a holiday, honeymoon, weekend break, group party, etc. is Goa. If you are looking for romantic places to travel to this Valentine’s day and do not want to waste a lot of time researching, Plan a trip to Goa with your Valentine to take advantage of the best candlelit dinners, water sports, nightclubs, and beach relaxation.


Consider proposing to your partner while you are up in the hills to reignite your romance. Amazing, isn’t it? Chakrata is located 98 kilometers from the state capital at a height of 7000–7250 feet. After reaching Danda peak and Chirmiri point,  you will fall in love with the stunning scenery.


Take your partner to Andaman & Nicobar Island if you haven’t already. Have a great time and give your girlfriend the passion she once had. Try some adventurous activities to have infinite fun, but don’t forget to create romantic memories as well.


Dreams are made of this golden gem of a city. Jodhpur, sometimes referred to as the Sun City, offers visitors a wide variety of artistic attractions. Couples can wander around the Mandore Gardens, enjoy a boat ride on the Kailana Lake, and explore the city’s forts, particularly the well-known Mehrangarh Fort. Khimsar, which is a bit outside of the city, is where you and your lover can go on a safari across the desert’s sand dunes. A perfect romantic place to travel to, this Valentin’s Day.


One of India’s most alluring travel destinations in Nainital. Nainital has acquired the moniker “Lake District of India” due to its abundance of lakes. Turquoise blue lakes, lush forests, hills, quaint bazaars, and shops selling jewelry in narrow lanes dot the scenery. In the Nainital district, popular locations include Nainital, Haldwani, Ramnagar, Ramgarh, Bhowali, and Kaladhungi. 

Uttrakhand has been a favorite part to travel to, you can check out my Instagram and my Youtube Channel for more information.


The southern region of Lakshadweep is home to the exotic location known as Minicoy. Isn’t this location, with its turquoise waters, beautiful sands, and vibrant reefs, wonderfully romantic? Couples can enjoy the much-needed privacy in this setting, and if you both enjoy the sea, choose an accommodation close to the beach. Beachside, with your partner’s hand in your hand, cold breeze – doesn’t it sound like one of the perfect romantic places to travel to?


Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to travel to Mussoorie if you simply want to unwind and have a romantic weekend. With rich vegetation year-round, it is the perfect vacation spot for all nature lovers. Mussoorie is the queen of valleys and you should take your queen to Mussoorie to celebrate some happy times with her. Mussoorie is one of the most romantic places to travel to and should be on your bucket list.

Even while you don’t need a certain day to honor love, you can still take advantage of the chance to make Valentine’s Day memorable for your relationship. Above are some places mentioned  for the celebration of your valentine’s week with your love

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