Blunder Or Wonder

Raebareli, Rahul Gandhi, Winter, Uttar Pradesh

Newspaper headlines read, “XYZ number of people died due to freezing temperature.”

Blunder or Wonder? Ask me the logic and I would tell you that number of people are losing their lives due to the drastic fall in temperature – this is no less than a Blunder!

On the contrary – these street vendors are fighting the chill weather to earn their livelihood – which is no less than a Wonder!

The reason being this picture makes it to the SLOW because it was captured in the Firoz Gandhi Colony, Near Civil Line, in Raebareli. The city belongs to the royal family of Gandhis.

Every year tall claims are made by the administration of having adequate arrangements in place to safeguard people for chilly weather. And every year hundreds of people die due to the apathy of the local administration.

In the overall perspective, the life expediency in Uttar Pradesh has been below the average level. It does not reflect how government functions but provides the mirror image of the mindset of the society.

When people are happy with their ground realities and fail to improvise they suffer the negligence from all around. The same fruit vendor can have a decent shop in coming five years but he will never have because he does not plan to make a future.

I am not sure how the government would help in improving lives; by investing in health services or in infrastructure.

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