AULI – Some Realisations & A Lot of Mesmerisation!

When I first started my travel journey – especially my blog, it was all about the experience. Meeting new people, explore new places, and to be honest it became more about mountains later on. It was after I started working, I started traveling more often. No, it wasn’t because my parents did not allow me, they are the coolest parents, but I wanted to travel with my own hard-earned money. Having said that, I discovered a lot of new things. One of them being adventure sports. I am an enthusiast, I love exploring new things. When my parents planned for an impromptu trip to Auli, I was over the moon.

I had heard many stories about people visiting Auli and seeing their pictures – finally, it was I who was ticking another destination off my list. Traveling to Auli was a delight – I was traveling in a mini-bus after years. We were a group of two families – eight people. And the experience was going to be nothing less than surreal.

You have homecooked snacks every now and then, there are tea stops as well, and the best part? Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, and Kishore Kumar songs all along the way!

Traveling to Auli was a smooth ride, especially because of the driver we had. My brother and I have a decent travel history with the mountains, however, my parents went on a trip after 4 years! And anyway, my mother is a little too scared when it comes to drives in the mountains.

Upon reaching our hotel at Joshimath, our first task was to get information regarding ropeway. The more people you ask, the more stories you hear – and with the amount of traveling done, you cannot trust each one. Eventually, we did some walking up the hill and went straight to the point where we would get tickets – to know about the timings and the few details I could ask out from the guard.

Our hotel manager very kindly volunteered us to get ur tickets in the morning – else we would have to get in a line 6 in the morning, and none of us wanted to do that. This is one of the cons with parents, maybe pros. Had I been traveling solo or with friends, I would have woken up at 5 to get in a line, but here we had the advantage to get things done effortlessly. Pro or con? you let me know in the comment section!

Mountain mornings are the best! I open my eyes and have the energy to walk out of my room or to the nearest window/balcony to breathe in the view! The giant mountains slowly getting covered with the golden hues of the sun, bringing in the cold breeze the flows and swipes on your face. Close your eyes, inhale, and exhale!

It is a moment!

Having a solid breakfast, we still had 2 hours to kill. So, we decided to trek up to the Narasimha Temple. Here, the Palki, which is taken to Badrinath is brought back (during the closing ceremony) and kept here. Since Kedarnath and Badrinath are already on the bucket list, this trek was a blessing in disguise for me. The trek, however, turned out to be that of 30/40 mins long. Visiting the temple, knowing about it – it was all worth it. (It is always worth it!)

Upon returning it was time for us to get on the ropeway. We got our boots on rental and moved ahead on the journey. 

The Ropeway was 25mins long – where we had to cross 10 towers – it was on the 10th tower, the last stop where we were told of seeing the snow-cladded mountains.

The View from the Ropeway

This is Mandatory!
Classic Aanya moments!
As soon as we stepped out of my ropeway and reached a place where we could play with the snow and enjoy the beauty surrounding us – a realization hit me!

I AM A MOUNTAIN PERSON. Hands down. The verdict has been given.
The amount of time I can spend on the mountains, the sukoon I get when I see myself surrounded by mountains, the calmness within me – it cannot be put into words. My mood, my behaviour, every iota on my boy and would has a different trajectory when I am amidst the hills!

If I said I would want to die on sets – the mountains would clearly be the priority!

I had just returned from my Himachal trip and it had not been 7 days, I was on another mountains trip. Yet I felt so calm, so new, so escatic! That says of something, right? 

Too much words, spoiling the emotions!

So, we played with snow balls, ate snow! Like yes, yet another weird-ass thing done by Aanya – I ate snow. Have you done that? TRY IT. And of course, speaking about the skiing, that is something I did not try – because I was busy with the snow and admiration, but my brother did – the second time! He had to, how could he miss to skii in the asia’s largest ski destination – Auli!

My parents were on a trip after ages! So, they put their heart out in enjoying the ambiance – they even sat on that tyre thing – where you slide down to the bottom of the mountains – of course not the bottom, bottom, but ya down there!

Ah! I felt so filled coming back to the ropeway…


Of course I Vlogged about it! So, head up to my youtube channel! 

This is my profile picture from Auli – acts as a reminder of the realization! Well, I don’t need one but no harm is turning a few pages back to hark back to some cherished and LIVED moments. 

Auli – you sweetheart! The more I ran away from Uttarakhand, the more it made me fall in love with it. I wonder why the hell was I mad at you? Why? Typical Aquarius. Finally my father’s birthplace sparked something within me! Yes, he was born in Uttarkashi! Luckiest he!

So, I hope you loved reading a yet another blog – which I felt was too close to my heart, and I wrote with a completely different style of writing as well. Too personal, was it? Pour your thoughts in the comment section. 

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