Banaras – A “Sunny” Affair On A Chilly Day

“Autograph is more meaningful than an Autobiography”

Just before the sunrise the tranquility of the sky and the river is most appeasing and the saffron beam of light makes the depth manifested.
Waking up with a purpose to catch the glimpse of the sunrise – thats where serenity meets peace.
Fort on the banks of the River Ganges overlooking the stream of water body.
Sneak Peak: Early mornings in the winters amidst the chilly breeze and then arrives the star of the day.
Praying to the Rising Sun
Devotees after a plunge in the Holy River bracing the Sunrise.
Always charged, Always Positive: 
The sunrise rendering the River Ganges Saffron.
Like I always say:
When the Sun rises it paints everything Dark!
The Siberian guests adding to the beauty of sunrise, just like an exquisite piece of jewelry on the neck of a woman.

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