Cafebility: Café With A Difference

2017: It was Hell of a Year! 

Started with my very first journey to Varanasi and then the list continues, which of course can be read by you all if you haven’t already. The year has given me best of memories and has been a blessing. 

So, as you all must be reading, I recently went to Varanasi, yet again, and this time I promised myself to visit the Holy City just like any other traveler and not a locality! Waking up in the early at 5 am just to get the perfect glimpse of the sunrise from the Ganges to enjoying the “gullies” of Banaras. I did it all! From enjoying the street food to the Pan Banaras Wala. 

I found my Favorite Corner At the Cafebility!

The city has definitely evolved with time. It has now got a huge number of Cafes and Restaurants for the youth and locals to have a gala time. So, I went to Cafebility – serves coffee with a difference. The cafe is a definitely different themed cafe, a cafe where you are not just served with coffee but provides the physically disabled an opportunity to work for themselves and a dynamic environment to learn in the hospitality sector. Among the cafes providing quirky and fun themes to their franchise, Cafebility has taken a step forward with their theme along with a Vision. 

That’s My Spot!

When I first entered the cafe, I did find the name to be interesting one but after I read about them on a flash card on the table. The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance, a single wall having a beautiful monochrome picture of Ghat with the Siberian river adding to the picturesque. On the other side is a gorgeous corner that has different cards that read funny one words like “Desi Girl”, “Awaara Hoon”, and many others! 

The staff of Cafebility is very friendly and they offer their valuable suggestions and a lot of extra time to let you place your order (For the irritating and confused customers like my brothers and me :P) Confusion is obvious when they have a variety of dishes to offer both Veg and Non-Veg. However, we ended up ordering – Herby Cheese Garlic Bread – garlic bread relished with cheese served along with mayonnaise. It was very tasty and to all the people who do not love cheese will also love it I swear! The second order was the Cafebility Special Veg Cheese Burst Pizza – Surely I am a cheese lover! The pizza was great and a total justice to the price it was offered at. Adding to the order was a Cafe Late, and two mocktails – Green Applefiz and Virgin Mojito. 

Herby Cheese Garlic Bread
Priced At Rs. 100/-

Green Applefiz
Priced at Rs.160/-

Virgin Mojito
Priced at Rs. 150/-

The service is really quick and the staff was courteous enough to offer us water and take down our menu, and took part in our little jokes. Since I ordered 5 things, it took about 15 to 20 minutes to get the order on the table. The presentation amazing! I loved the way they offered us to serve on our plate individually, however, we denied. But that is really a sweet gesture and I appreciate the hospitality they offer their customers. As a person who loves to try out different dishes to relish on I loved each and E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G that I ordered and the ambiance was just icing on the cake. 

I have definitely found my go-to café in Varanasi. If you are in Varanasi you too can visit the place at : Shop No. – 9, 2nd Floor, Vinayak Plaza, Varanasi. They have also inaugurated another cafe at IP Mall, Sigra. 

You can check out the website of Cafebility| Find them on Facebook| Check out their Instagram|

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