Discovering The Maunderer In The Charm of Chandigarh – Part II

Early morning, the golden sun was about to shine bright, the birds were chirping sweet, an artistic morning wasn’t expected in this TaylorMade city. Early but lazy morning, I had. However, had a feeling of spring as soon as I got out of bed with memories of yesterday and amusing zeal for today. The “Organized City” makes a call to the “Unorganized Aanya”, I thought.

A refreshing glass of juice and a couple of sandwiches was my breakfast with which I started finding myself an Uber. In a few minutes, I was on the wheels again, driven down to the Vegan Fest – Day 2.

To me, it seemed the festival was more about saving animals than focusing on veg dishes. Reason being PETA was also invited. Was pretext misplaced? Well, dunno, neither had head to ponder as long as things serve the purpose, what say guys?

All I know is I enjoyed Falafel and Ratatouille before I fetched for myself another cab asking driver to make the best use of this day with exploring some amazing places in the city. You can read about my Nepal Trip here.

“Oh, tussi ika din vich sara sa bhara vikha ghumna chahide ho?” Neither his Punjabi, nor his question amused me. It was expected from a talkative Punjabi cab driver.

I laughed as this has been the patented expression I receive in response to my traveling itch. He continued in his clean Punjabi, “Oh, tussi sita na karo, main tounu ajja hi pure Chandigarh vikhvanga”. For the record, I love Punjabi and Punjabi songs.

My first stop was the Japanese Garden. As reflected by the name the Garden has many Japanese Lanterns, Japanese styled river perception, and tower adding uniqueness. Established in the year 2014, the garden has the most adorable yet spiritual icon in the shape of a pagoda tower – an abode of peace. Nonetheless, even the proportionate planning of trees and plants transcend the resplendence.

Grabbing as much grass I can in my eyes, I stopped at one place and decided to accentuate the natural beauty. While I was gazing around the garden, (might sound Bollywood-ish, but was any way true!) I recalled the dialogue of Deepika from YJHD, “Jitna Bhi try Karo, life mein Kuch na Kuch to chootega hi, to Jahan hai wahin ka maza lete hai na..”

Deepika did not stay with me as the Girl At The Window Seat brought me to the consciousness with a thud. “I ought to explore more”, I mumbled and pulled myself in a cab again.

All I remember is goosebumps as my cab was crossing crossroads after the other, because, I was moving in the direction of glory, where real-life heroes are given the most memorable homage by the Indian Army. Yes, Chandigarh has built a War Memorial to remember those have laid down their lives in protecting us. 

A special armed force personal speaks to you in person and imparts unimaginable stories of a few heroes. The narration is so powerful that you actually start visualizing thing (This is my special ability). I had no option to spend a few worthy moments there paying my tribute to our heroes.

I started walking back slowly thinking about my visualization of jawans on borders taking bullets but ensuring every inch of my motherland. I was enough disturbed by the scenes going in the back of my head. I needed a place where I can spend a few peaceful, spiritual moments to get back to real world. I asked my cab driver to drive me to the Smriti Upwan.

Situated between Sukhna lake and rose garden, Smriti Upawan is one of the jewels of Chandigarh for being completely uncharacteristic of the city. Known as a “remembrance”, the garden brings to you at silence you had never experienced before. Shaped in 1988, Smriti Upwan allows even you and me to plant a tree in memories of our loved one.

I took a corner for myself under the tree, closed my eyes, and switched off my brains. A shear experience of connecting with cosmos, while forgetting your own self. When I opened my eyes, the disturbance was ended, the tranquility had a new home in me and energy has new stimulation.

I realized that something is unusual, but couldn’t guess for a while. Suddenly I realized, “I’m hungry, man”. I asked for a decent restaurant and my driver said, “madam dhabe vich khana vada tasty lagda”. “Phira tussi kis di udika kar rahe ho”, I heard this phrase in the morning by someone, I used it here.

My watch had struck the time to leave the beautiful and organized city. time was unmovable….only thing moving that was my cab. Upon arriving back at the hotel I looked at my backpack. It said, “I am empty”, “liar”, I replied. With a satisfying smile on my face, I bid a final goodbye to the hotel and the beautiful city of Chandigarh.

All that I had was Chandigarh on my mind. While my cab was rolling towards the Chandigarh railway station, each memory of these two fascinating days was rolling back on my mind. I believe i never roamed in a city, was never crazy enough to explore the city to the core. All I know is this was out of the class experience at building memories, living charm, exploring the unpolluted beauty of the City Beautiful.

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