Mystical Yet Not Strange: My Walk Around In Agra

Overdue but An Unplanned Agra Trip
The dullness was evident as soon as I entered the home from my guitar class. Enthusiasm, without which, I can’t live, was missing around as neither mom nor bro were excited. I even asked myself a question, “what they should feel excited for?” I did not know but the reason was in the making.

We three were expecting dad and clock was walking away irritating me as dad hasn’t arrived yet. Went of the doorbell, and I jumped to open the door with excitement. Actually, I was expecting a smiling face of the dad. Instead, it was all exhaustion that embraced me. The calmness that followed absorbed all my excitement. The reason, which was in the making 15 minutes back hit the road block.

Banged the doors of the refrigerator, sipped water from the bottle with my brain and heart constantly having a conversation about adding some colors of the unknown land this weekend. Impulsively pushed the door to the room in excitement, “Dad can we…..” within the nano-est second was the lethargic expressions of my family, my voice seemed echoing in continuation, “go on a trip to Agra…” seems to have faded in the gloomy air. However, he noticed the sudden change of expression and caught the words flowing in the gloomy air and asked “What did you say?”

“Naah! Was just thinking of planning a weekend to Agra. But none seems excited, as usual.” said me, carelessly.

“Agra?” “Travel” “Come on!” were some of the sudden reply yelled with excitement in sync. The layer of gloomy air was taken over by excitement and joy this time.  Leaving me to question myself, “Does my family feel I am deaf?” “Do I look like a deaf to them?”

I jumped on mom yelling, “Let’s start packiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!”

The Rolling Four Wheels – Lucknow-Agra Expressway

I hope I did not wake my neighbors at 5 in the morning honking. In a few minutes, the car was talking to the wind, bettering its speed on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway, while the music was pouring in my ears.

The information kiosk looked into my eyes, smiling, “Half way done!”

“Is Taj Mahal going to get my glimpse, finally? Bro winked and dad smiled.

“Yeah, so what is the itinerary?” asked me.
“Taj Mahal-Agra Fort-Fatehpur Sikri”, yelped dad almost breathlessly as he was thinking that only.

Yelling, yelping, and the excitement of weekend trip made us prepare itinerary in without actually preparing.

By the time, we entered the Agra, we were all hungry and longing for jalebi and bedai, the typical Agra breakfast.

Agra Fort

Mystical Agra Fort
I thought, only I am excited to see the Agra fort, but saw dad walking fast to secure us entry passes. As soon as you enter the monumental doors of Agra fort, you are going have a war with local guides. Once you succeed in the negotiations, the journey inside begins.


As soon as I enter a historic architecture, I enter into the two different worlds together, crossing the invisible plasma screen creating spherical waves. The 15th century built Agra fort was first occupied by Babur. Subsequently the fort was expanded and eventually became the centre of power when the capital was shifted from Delhi to Agra.

View Of Taj Mahal From Agra Fort

The fort is surrounded by a gorge, which was then filled with water and was a residence to the man-eaters- crocodiles, to protect from the enemies. We are talking about the echo surround sound system today, the fort is build in such a way, as and when any enemy tried to enter the fort from the slop way, the sound of the horse hooving can be heard in the fort. This alerted the army and they rolled huge stones from the top. If the enemy tried to escape by sticking to the wall, there are ridges made on the wall to pour in hot oil and water that got the enemy back to the centre, where the stones were rolling.

The architecture is beyond amazing and an exceptional piece of art of the history. One witnesses the Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khaas, the Haram, Meena Bazar, and the view of the bedrooms and libraries of the Mughal kings and queens. We completed the tour and came out of the fort. Our next stop was the seventh wonder of the World- Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal – A Temple of Love
Had Shah Jahan built to be the seventh wonder? For him it was his personal achievement and glory – a way to personify his love for Mumtaz. Taj mahal depicts the change of art and architecture of the mughla – the transition from the red sandstone to white marbles.

The Entrance To Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, situated on the south bank of river Yamuna, is a perfect amalgamation of Persian and Mughal art of his reign. There is something more to Taj Mahal, which is purely inexplicable, but not as mainstream as love. Clicking pictures and admiring the art we left the place and thought to collect some sovereigns.

It is the beginning of the winter and the day is getting shorter. So, we decided to curtail the trip short to have some food. If you are planning to visit Agra for 2 to 3 days, Sikandra Bagh is a place not to be missed. We also visited the Fatehpur Sikri, Agra.

Shopping in Agra

I was keen on buying a handbag, an office bag, and a wallet, and….I don’t know. Agra is a leather manufacturing hub in India, which inspired me to prepare a long list, which eventually put to rest. Agra is also known for stone carving. Yellowstone is normally carved into candlestand that create an amazing aura in the night.

Yellow Marble Showpieces: A must Buy From Agra

Back to Base
It was only me know had inclining of the reason in the making. The happiness would burst in this fashion was not imagined. The surprise from dad was unimaginable and the joy we four could share was beyond the joy of any parallel world.

The flip side of this one-day weekend trip is now I am craving for every weekend to be a road trip. I know, it’s not possible. But then this #SoloFemaleTraveler is ready to expand her journey in a different direction. Watch-out this place for upcoming surprises, which you may not have anticipated until……….

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