One Of The Sweetest City I have Ever Been To – Bhopal

It was a busy day, a packed day at work. I had all marked on my post it’s on my laptop. The to-do list read everything from what I had to do, to what time I had to complete it. I packed my laptop, had everything in my bag that I might need. I had cash ready, some change, some coins clinking in the small pocket and some in my jeans. I had made up my mind to wind up the things on time so that I could leave on a good note and on time. Why all these preparations, you ask? I have a train to catch for my next trip.

Boarding the train, a sleeper class thins time – just to save some bucks here and there. I thought I will be able to manage everything. it wasn’t that I always boarded a flight for a trip. However, I will be honest that I was a little skeptical as soon as I got on to my seat. But somehow managed as it was a late-night train journey, I was tired, and everything else was fine.

I woke up by 9 and then slept again by 9.30 – this sleep cycle ride continued until 12. So, my train was to reach Habibganj Junction by 2.30pm. I decided to step down here since it was closer to the hotel I had booked and therefore, it would be an easy ride for me.

Those last 2 hours were hectic, as it was the feeling every traveler experiences –

“You’ve reached, but you aren’t there yet!”

As always I already knew what places I had to visit. This time I was more inclined to make a very chill travel trip. A long weekend spent in a very calm and composed manner. Now, Bhopal in a way was really sweet to me, thankfully.

I wasn’t aware about this, just like the fact that it would make it to my cover picture!

My list had Sanchi Stupa on the top. As soon as I reached my hotel room, I rested for a few hours, got freshen up, and thereafter, I stepped out to explore the local and nearby places. Any traveler, especially one on a budget like me, would love to grab some tasty delights at a reasonable price. However, Bhopal couldn’t be more sweet to me. I found a very reasonable place – where I got food so tasty and at such a cheap price! Impressing a North Indian foodie is a real task and Bhopal was able to do it in just a couple of snaps. I ate Chola Bhatura at a mere 30Rs a plate. Can you imagine? That was nearly the price I used to get at my college. Not that it been long enough that I left college but that reason, it was really impressive!

I hope on here and there, discovering the ways the people worked, spoke, and the ambiance completely. It such a peaceful and quiet city, I must admit. I can never be tired enough to praise the city. Am in awe of the beautiful city. Cleanliness, the roads, the graffiti’s, nature – and the people.

Le Jaayein Kahan Hawayein Hawayein..#Vibes!

Day 2, commenced with a kickstart. I had booked for a zoom car – since instead of me struggling with myself with a local transport, which has always been my first preference, I chose Zoomcar, since I had made my booking way back – where I got a coupon code and an amazing discount making it a total of 2,000 INR for a complete day! Isn’t that great? Well, I found it so.

Sanchi was about 50kms away from my hotel but the ride was a complete thumbs up. On my way to Sanchi, I did some reading on different articles and found out the main motive behind it, the architecture significance and various other facts. I, obviously could not do a complete, rather in-depth research, due to the lack of time, but I found out that the four different pillars build around the Stupa has different inscriptions which tell different stories.

This will always remain my favourite!

There is one showcasing Lord Buddha getting enlightenment near the Bodhi Tree, another one showcasing Devi on the Lotus, and yet another showcasing King Ashoka performing spiritual deeds that is Pooja.

Trying out some #TravelPhotography
Also, the Sanchi Stupa was built by King Ashoka, since he was a Buddhism follower and we all are aware of our school books about the Four Noble Truth that he was enlighten by. It was originally built using organic bricks, and each railing had small carvings in the form of a lotus, flowers, elephants, and other creatures.

Fun Fact: the Sanchi Stupa is printed on the 200 rupees Indian Currency note. Therefore, I tried to put some photography to test, which I might have failed or rather not being able to achieve complete success, with the note and the architecture.

I tried Hard, believe me. Please!
There are remains and ruins of the Buddhist monks buried near the stupa. The place is in itself a very calm and peaceful getaway. There are a lot of tourists in the area, however, everyone seeks their peace, finds it too, and yet unlike any other World Heritage Monument, it is a beauty to discover.

There are a light and sound show that happens at the Sanchi Stupa, however, the timings are from 7 pm. And since I was there at 2, I could not find another 5 hours to spend near the stupa. Along with it, there is a museum, which showcases other ruins, including the Ashoka Stambh.

Moving ahead, I had spoken to an auto-rickshaw driver, who told me that there is a small hilltop nearby. So, I was excited to visit the place, maybe have some Maggi too – if I could get one there. Therefore, following the Google Map – I went to MANUABHAN TEKRI. This, after I reached my destination, was a Jain Temple. I am no promoter or something, but this has been a thing, that I get to visit – knowingly or unknowingly a Jain Temple – and I have no complaints about the same.

Trying to hide my crooked teeth. Douche!

Secondly, the best part was the ropeway. Yes! I wasn’t aware of it and therefore, after parking my car down took the ropeway to the top. The view – undoubtedly was Stunning.

Don’t you just love this view?
There are a lot of shops, souvenirs, which you can take from the Sanchi Stupa canteen, which I completely forgot since I was tired just because of the heat – and was unaware of the shops part – I came to know about it after I had stepped out of the place.

After visiting that place, I thought of heading back to the city. There I was keen to mark a visit to the lake. The lake has boating facility and also, there is a Raja Bhoj Setu along with a huge statue. The view is really good and the best part is that the city is so clean and so quiet that you feel the ambiance and surrounding so surreal.

I have undoubtedly fallen in love with this city. Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, they are completely different, but the peace I seek here – was bliss I would seek nowhere.

However, I must say, I will make another visit to the beautiful city. I definitely will. And I am sure I will not be bored with it.

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  1. I love places that are quiet and peaceful so I’m sure I would love it here. I don’t blame you for wanting to go there and get away from it all after work, I feel like that a lot. Such a great post and looks like a wonderful place to go πŸ™‚

  2. Bhopal is beautiful and yes, sanchi stupa one of the monument that represent our incredible India. I wish to visit soon and visit it and go through the museum.

  3. It looks like you had a great time in Bophal by yourself. It's great when you can find cheap places to eat, especially when you are on a budget. The temple on the hill looks very pretty.

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