This is How A Wholesome Trip Looks Like!

The universe speaks for balance. Well, let us just not go that far – even a good wholesome dish required balance in each of its ingredients. Why am I all of a sudden talking of balance and cooking..??? As I might just have hit that spot – where I call my trip “wholesome”. Now, there are a lot of repercussions to it. My trip to Himachal was a break I needed post-Covid-19 situation. And it was with people I would trust until my last breath (I suppose! I should.) And it was not less than a roller-coaster either. This trip to Himachal was full of being a part of a story than just creating one. You get that right? Additionally, I have been very finicky in terms of my budget. And this trip made me believe in one of the most important aspects “Aanya! Girl you have earned it. You need to be free when you travel, use a mix of your heart and brain and not just the latter!”

An illustration by me – on the Chunar Fort
A wholesome trip to Rishikesh – Jai Maa Gange!

This picture was clicked during my Mussoorie trip in 2020, made an illustration

So, when I had decided on the layout of my Himachal Pradesh trip, I had one thing certain – I need to experience snowfall. I have been to mountains before, where I played with snow, made a snowman, and even snow fight with my family. But never had I experienced snowfall. So, I finalized my dates and did all the preparation for the trip. I was excited about it.

Now, it had been like years I went on a “wholesome trip”. I had been to the cities in Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal and Indore, Varanasi, was living in Mumbai and all sorts of places. However, I am more of a mountain person. So, beaches do calm me down and are all the good thing. But mountains have a huge impact on me. The magic is surreal.
So, for me a wholesome trip comprises of the following ingredients:
1. A destination I have never been to
2. With my close friends or brother
3. Eating local food
4. Making memories – having experiences that turn into amazing stories!

The 4th one is the most important point and has to be worth it. Each trip has its nuances, experiences – however, what makes the story worth it is something that makes you laugh, cry, or rather brings you back to the day. You know, while thinking about it you start to re-live the moment? You have the slightest smile, staring at one point for a long time – unconsciously. Ah!

So for each one of us – be a storyteller or not the definition for wholesome trip differs. So, that is not a topic of debate of course.

Let me share with you one short story. It goes like – I was traveling to the North-East, and it was my last day there. I had a train ticket booked from Dibrugarh. And I was in New Jalpaiguri the previous day. So, I tracked down the route of my train and it had a fairly long stop at NJP station. I thought to catch my train from the very station instead of traveling to Dibrugarh. I packed my bags and reached the station an hour early. When I heard the announcement of some other train I was confused. I asked the authorities and found out that my train will arrive the next day! Since I was catching it from NJP and not Dibrugarh. It was supposed to reach Dibrugarh that day at the time! Silly me!

I did manage to book myself a place to stay and had an extra day in hand. This is a story that taught me a lesson – it was during my beginning years of being a traveler – the seeds were sown. Glad I learned it at a very early stage. For me this story is worth telling people, I laugh at the things I did at the time. And it takes me back to the day and re-live it. 

So, this was my take on a wholesome trip. And how it looks to me. What it means to me. I have a whole blog that shares with you my different travel stories. I believe, my most of the trips churn out to be wholesome and that’s what makes me a travel storyteller. It is not just my ability to write my experiences but the experiences I live makes me a storyteller!

To read more of my Blogs, click here. Also do let me know any travel stories you would like to share, or for you what makes a wholesome trip? 

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